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Welcome to L Cooper’s anime stories. Feel free to read through my Stories and Fan Fictions and feel free to comment and give your opinion on what the page is about. I work hard on my stories, especially if I feel passionately about what I am writing. Feedback on stories helps to keep me motivated. The most important thing for you to do on this site is to enjoy yourself. Thank you.

I was very shocked at Tony’s request, but I did it anyway. And currently he was laid asleep with his head on my chest. He seemed calm. I was happy that I could help. His legs were intertwined with mine as I drifted off to sleep. – Today’s Assignment (Stony Highschool AU)~Marvel

“Why wouldn’t I be awake?” She froze when he spoke. Something was off. Something definatly happened but no one was going to give Kyoya any details as to remembering it. He would have to find it out for himself. -It’s not his fault (A Kyokao story) ~ Ouran Highschool Host Club

Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes turned into hours. Hours turned into days. Days into weeks, weeks into months. Tony wasn’t exactly sure how long had passed. It could have been a year. Tony still didn’t know why he was there. He knew why Loki was, but not him. At first, Tony hadn’t trusted Loki, but the more time that had passed the more he had no choice but to. – Tortured (FrostIron) ~ Marvel

He went home at roughly 3 am. His jacket open. He sat at the end of the bed and pulled his legs up to his chest. In his hand was a measly amount of money. Some notes that he’d crumbled up. That was his pay for the night. His pay for putting up with all that Valentino had done. His mind raced. – Angel’s Problem (18+) ~HazbinĀ  Hotel/ Helluva Boss


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