A hero from the desert (Gaara x reader)- Chapter 1

I gaze upon her. That girl. I have never talked to her but she still means everything to me. She sat on the corner of the street again with her blanket. She could be beautiful if her skin wasn’t bruised and her hair wasn’t tangled. People walk past her and spit at her. Shes (your age) years old and┬ástuck out on the streets. I often think about going to her, but she would be scared. She looks so fragile and frail. Temari told me what happened to her, in her past. Her past is sad. Bandits attacked her and her family died. The girl didn’t have enough money to keep in her home.

I might go up to her. Will she cower or will she accept me? If she cowers then people may think I’m attacking her and I could get in trouble again. If she accepts me then I have made a friend. I can’t say I feel sorry for the girl, not after my┬ápast, but yeah I feel sorry for her. She and I are the same, we were both cast aside from everyone else and feared. That settles it, I’m gonna talk to her.

I walk to her, earning stairs from a lot of passing people. I have changed and that is true. Naruto Uzumaki changed the way I see things. It was Uzumaki who taught me I didn’t have to be a monster. She looks up at me. The poor girl looks in pain.
“Hello” I say to her, trying to seem kind.
“Hi” she replys and looks down. She has such a nice voice. It is soft and gentle.
“Are you okay?” I ask and sit next to her. She shuffles away a bit. “I’m not gonna hurt you” I say looking down.
“Are you a monster to?” she asks, “Its just that, a lot of people talk a lot of bad things about you.”

I look at her. Shes so kind.
“I am not the monster” I say “I have a monster in me but I would never hurt anyone.” She looks at me.
“Gaara” she says. She closes her eyes “Never mind it isnt important.”