A hero from the desert (Gaara x reader)- Chapter 4

(Your pov from earlier)
I was sat at my usual spot waiting for my new friend. Well he’s not really a friend, more of an acquaintance at this moment in time. He makes me happy, but he doesn’t know about my past. It wasn’t bandits or rouge ninja that killed my family…. It was me. I had a tantrum like a baby. That’s all I am, a baby. I should have gone on the anger management courses my mother told me to. Then she might not be dead.

A load of kids came to throw rocks at me again. They tell me I’m worthless I’m useless, I’m a waste of space and sperm and I think they are right. A rock hit me in the head and cut it. I hate this world and everyone in it… Well except from Gaara. He’s a true sweetheart.

I got the same thing for hours and then it changed to kunai and Shurikan. They hit me a few times and left me bleeding on the sidewalk. A girl picked me up and took me to the hospital. She said that I make her brother happy and that’s all she cares about. She saved my life.