Natsu x reader- chapter 1: Fairy Tail

In a kingdom called Fiore…. Let’s not start there everyone knows that bit. Fairy tail. Home to some of the greatest wizards in the whole of Fiore, fairy tail is the main guild that you have ever wanted to join. And now your stood at the entrance with high hopes. The wind blows through your (h/l) (h/c) hair as you stand with your hand around the necklace your brother had given you.

“Go join a guild (y/n), they will be lucky to have someone like you” he told you.
Shakily, You reached your hand towards the door handle before the doors flew open and a boy landed roughly on top of you. He had pink hair and onyx eyes. He quickly climbed off of you.
“I’m so sorry miss” He said and turned back to the guild, where a boy with blue(or black, looks blue to me) hair was standing not wearing any clothing. “GRAY YOU IDIOT YOU MADE ME CRUSH THIS GIRL!” The boy yelled to the other one.
“You crushed her yourself Natsu, don’t go blaming me” Gray stood there. A voice from inside said
“Gray your clothes” and he yelled back

Natsu and Gray started fighting each other. They were both really strong. They were punching each other in the face and kicking each other in the guts. But then they got serious. Greys hands went together and it got a little bit colder. Natsu smirked and made a fist which covered itself in flames.
They yell simultaneously. You jumped in the middle of the two of them
“elemental push” You said holding your hands out towards the two wizards. From your right hand shot out water putting Natsu’s flames out and sending him flying. From your left sent out blue fire which had the ability to melt any ice. Grey also went flying. They rubbed their heads and stood up.

“Apologise to each other” you said and walked in the guild. You had actually been invited by master Mavarok himself to join the guild. He had seen you fight and realised that you were not In a guild so offered you to join. You walked through the guild hall earning lots of stares off confused faces. You went up to the girl with white hair and a pink dress on. “Are you Mira?” you asked looking at her. Natsu and Grey came in and stared at you, both still rubbing their heads. The girl nodded and smiled.
“That is correct” she said “and who might you be?” You looked at her. ‘She is an ‘S’ class wizard?’ you thought to yourself, ‘she looks so innocent.’
“I am (y/n), I have come to…”
You were cut off by the old man coming with.
“(y/n), glad to see you accepted my invitation” He said smiling. “fairy tail could use a wizard like you.”
You smile and look at Mira. You turn to look at the rest of the guild members. The pink haired one from before looks excited.
“ALRIGHT!” He yells.

Mavarok looks at Natsu.
“Salamanda, am I correct?” you ask looking at him also.
“YOU BET I AM!” He says flames coming from his feet as he answers excitedly.
“Do you remember all of their names (y/n)?” master asks. You remember back to when he gave you a book with all the members in. You started pointing and you started off with Natsu.
“Natsu Dragneel, Grey Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden, Elfman Strauss, Loke and Cana Albarana” You say, “That’s all I can remember from there pictures.”

Grey starts to whisper to Natsu.
“This chicks crazy, first she beats us with one blow and now she knows a lot of our names” He is wearing clothes again.
“Kinda scary, huh?” Natsu whispers back.
“I can hear you two ya know” you say.
“How? Have you got super hearing or something?” Natsu asks.
“No your just crap at whispering” you smile.

(time skip technique)

You had become an official member. Mira had stamped the fairy tail guild symbol on your wrist in red. (sorry if you don’t like the colour or the place but I have always wanted a tattoo on my wrist and reds my favourite colour XD)
“YAY IM A MEMBER!” You yelled and then smiled. Once again you held your necklace and thought about your brother.

A younger version of you was training with your brother in the forest. He was a good fighter and was seen as a true wizard because he had joined the guild blue Pegasus. You wanted to be in a guild to and he always said you would easily make it in one.
“You know (y/n), your getting a lot stronger everyday” he smiles. (Brothers name) always believed in you which made you smile. He had taught you everything he knows.
“I wanna join a guild some day, so I’m training hard to be the best I can” You say.
“If you train hard enough, you will definitely make it in a guild, you may even make it to ‘S’ class” He says.
“(Brother’s name), What’s ‘S’ class?” you ask confused a little bit.
“The ‘S’ class wizards are the strongest of wizards, every guild has S class.” he says and ruffles your hair. His (h/c) blows in the wind as he smiles. He closes his eyes when he smiles (always found that cute on anime characters)

“Hello, earth to (y/n)!” a hand waved in front of your face. The first person you befriended was Natsu. He was so hyperactive that you knew you just had to befriend him, also he was, to you, the cutest person in the guild. Not that you was interested in him in a romantic way or anything. “Earth to (y/n)!”he continues saying. You grab his hand.
“What?” you ask.
“I’ve asked you like a thousand times if I could see some of that fire you used against Grey” he said requesting that you showed him.
“Sorry I was just thinking and I’m also sorry but the elements I use can only be used in battle and it all depends on who I’m fighting.” you remember how your brother would always bring his best friend, who learned ice magic, along to train you.
“Well then what if you and Grey went up against each other in a sparing match?” Natsu asked, he was being persistent. You shook your head.
“Id end up breaking him like a tooth pick, besides I don’t really feel up to fighting” You say, “I just moved here and I was planning on getting to know the town today”

“I can show you around” Natsu says. He takes your hand and you start walking out of the guild hall.