A demon from Heaven (Sebastian x reader)- Chapter 1: Phantomhive

“(y/n)!” A call yelled down the hall. You were currently dusting in the halls when your mistress, Lady Lillian Sherington yelled for you. You walked into the room and smiled at her. You looked really cute when you smiled. You had a habit of turning your head to the right and closing your eyes as the smile crept onto your face. “You know I can never understand how a Demon can look cute” she said. You shook your head and giggled.
“so what did you want mistress?” You asked looking at her.
“oh. I need you to get a carriage ready, we have been invited to dine with the Earl of Phantomhive.” She said smiling. She was really excited. She sat brushing her long brown hair before putting it in a braided crown. She messed up big time but you was there to fix it up. Your mistress was a very beautiful young lady. Very elegant. Sadly when she was younger she was kidnapped and tortured. Bad things happened to her. Unspeakable things. She was 5 years old. She was forced to become mature and opened up her company at 11. The deal was made when she was 7. The deal between you and her. You broke her free but when she got back, her parents had been murdered. Your job is to guide her and keep her safe till she captures her parents murder and give him justice. Such a tragic past for a beautiful young lady.
“I’ll get the carriage” You said and curtseed to your young mistress.

The carriage ride is always boring, don’t you think? You just sit there in silence staring either out of the window or at the person your traveling with. Such a long and boring process. That’s why we will just skip till you arrive to the phantomhive mansion.

You knocked on the door and waited patiently for it to be opened. You have never been to this Manor before, but so far you liked it. The garden was well trimmed and looked beautiful. The large front door opened and their stood a tall, thin, rather handsome butler. You couldn’t help but stare at him. Your stare was interrupted when a very large dog pushed past the butler and pounced on you. You looked it in the eye, your eye started to glow pink and the dog got off of you and coward.
“Pluto! There you are boy! Sorry miss. Plu Plu just gets excited when he meets new people” an innocent boy with a straw hat on tied around his neck, that rested on his back, said.

“It is alright” You spoke. Your eyes went back to the mysterious butler that was dressed in black. He looked back at you with crimson eyes that matched your own.
“Miss Lillian,” The butler bows “We have been expecting you.” Lillian smiles and walks in the manor. Your eyes stay on the butler as he shows you the way to Earl Phantomhive’s office.

While Lady Lillian was discussing business with Ciel over a game of chess, you took it upon yourself to talk to the butler.
“Hello” you said and he looked at you shocked a bit.
“Hello” he replied, he wasn’t expecting you to talk to him. He was preparing dinner, and chopping at an inhuman speed.
“Whats a guy like you serving some rich kid for?” You asked. He looked at you.
“Well you see, I’m simply just one hell of a butler” He answer. You snorted at his response.
“What about you?”
“Well ‘i am simple one hell of a maid'” You said mocking him. He looked at you.
“If that is all you wanted, i must get back to work” The butler bowed and started to walk away.
“Wait, which demon are you?” You asked stopping him in his tracks. He turned around to look at you.
“You really don’t know?” He asked. You shrugged looking innocent.
“ive been contracted for such a long time” You spoke “im getting very hungry.”
“Sebastian Michaelis” he smiled. he pulled out a watch “Im running late. It was nice talking to you (y/n) (l/n).” He rushed off down the halls with his tray of food.

You looked at Sebastian’s master, Ciel Phantomhive. He stared at his food as he ate. His eyes were full of hatred. You didn’t like the sight of it, but Sebastian surely did. Every time he turned around you noticed him lick his lips a little. Poor demon must be starving, or perhaps hes craving. Ciel looked at your mistress.
“So your clothing would be on my toys?” he asked.
“only the ones like the stuffed animals and stuff, if you dont mind me asking my lord, why did you summon me here tonight? Surely i could have just gone to see the guy in charge of the stuffed animals about this?” Lillian said.
“I wanted to meet you” he said, “And now that i have, you will serve as one of my pawns.” You looked at him in disgust.
“Pardon me my lord, but the way you said that, it sounded like you want to use my lady, and not in a good way” You spoke up. You didn’t want him bad mouthing your lady ship.
“I wasn’t implying anything. You will stay the night, ill see to it that Sebastian gives you both suitable rooms” He said, putting his hands together and resting his chin on them. Sebastian lead you out of the room, you walked out looking back at the young earl. You already didn’t like him. He’s nothing but a spoiled little brat. You don’t get why Sebastian made a contract with him. Ciel Phantomhive.