Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 1: The past

You lay in a tree looking at the sky. You couldn’t sleep at night. Every time you closed your eyes the memories of that night came back.

-flashback- You stood helplessly in the building. You cried as the flames grew higher and higher. Your big brother ran into your bedroom and picked you up.
“Don’t breathe in the smoke” he told you and placed a hand over your mouth and nose. His hands were soft but covered in soot. He picked you up warmly and held you close. He kept reasuring you “everything will be alright” he said. He was wrong. He took you out of the house and patted your head gently. “stay here!” he warned you.

Your brother ran back into the house to find your parents, “Diachi!” you yelled. The flames exploded. The fireball could be seen for miles. A group of Shinobe came and started to put the flames out. A medical ninja checked on you and let you know that you were okay.

The flames lasted the whole night and the next day they told you the news. Diachi and your parents were dead. It was then that you decided to leave the village in order to try and move past the event but you never could. The words “Everything will be alright” stook in your head. You hoped that them words were true.