Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 11: Danger

(A/N- I would have gotton into more detail about the mission but I had couldnt think of a mission so I will do flash backs and stuff on other chapters)

You returned to the village. The guys thought they would celebrate your first success since you returned to the village. You were all sat at ikirakus and Naruto ordered the biggest bowl of ramen ever for you. He was about to pay when Neji said he’d pay. You smiled at him and ate it.

Naruto had falled asleep at ikirakus and you wanted to go home. You tried to wake him but couldn’t so you walked alone. It was very late at night and you couldn’t see clearly. You remembered having to go down an alley to get to Narutos pad but you dert go down the alley alone.

you took a deep breath and picked up the courage to walk through the alley. You got hit hard in your back and you fell to the ground. Surrounded you was 3 nastey looking strong men with weapons.

“Well lookie what we have here” one says. He had a scar which went down his face. He picked you up and slammed you into a wall.

You looked at the exit of the alley. The second man who had half his face in bandages gripped your face and turned your head to get a good look at you. You smacked him and he released the grip.

“Naughty!” He says “I like it.”

You push the third one out of the way and run towards the exit of they alley. The first man used some sort of gen jutsu and you found yourself in a never ending alley. The third man whacked you over the head with a steel pipe. You blacked out and lay still on the floor, only to be picked up by the men and taken away.