Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 12: Save me Neji

(A/N- me again. If you are innocent and squeamish just skip this chapter)

You woke up dizzy. You head was bleeding again but that wasn’t what was bothering you. You were tied naked on an unfamiliar bed and you felt slightly soar down below.

“Your awake” the first guy from last night said. He had a robe around him.
“Can I have fun with her now brother?” The second man asked. He also had nothing but a robe on. ‘What does he mean by “fun”‘ you think very scared. The first man nods.
“You, remember your boundaries. If there is blood come out” the first brother said. You nodded and climbed over you.

“Don’t worry baby, I aren’t gonna rape you. No I don’t role that way but I do intend…” he pulls out a sex toy, which had been carefully place in you, from you. “To take your virginity” he smirked and pulled out syrup and whipped cream. His brother left the room.

He pour syrup down your neck. It was so sticky. He sucked it off leaving hickeys and grinded on your vagina. You shook and looked scared at the man. He had taken the bandage of from last night and you had to admit he was pretty cute but you didn’t want to lose your virginity to him. You had your heart set on another boy.
(*wink wink*)

He squirted whipped cream all over your breasts and stomach. He poured syrup on your breast to make them sticky and creamy. He squeezed your thighs and sucked on your boobs. You didn’t know why but your were starting to like this.

He completely cleared you off cream and syrup and looked at your pussy. You had gone so wet and tight because of the cream.
“Ready to lose your virginity? ” he smirks.

You hear bangs and screams from outside the door. you whipped out his dick, refusing to listen to his brothers scream. He inserted to you slowly but then Neji burst through the door.  You fell onto you making you scream as his dick went all the way in. Neji picked up you and looked at you.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I saw this guy and I rushed here as quickly as possible” he felt guilty because he caused you pain.
“Its fine Neji, you got here just in time.” You say. Neji takes out the guy then unties you. “You saved me Neji.”

Neji took you home and got you cleaned up. He looked at you with sad eyes.
“I’m sorry” he apologised again.
“Neji, I told you its fine” you say to him.  He lays you down and tells you not to move.