Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 13: She’s living with me

(Naruto’s POV)

I woke up and it was around 9 oclock. I was still at Ikiraku’s.

“Natuto, bout time you woke up.” The old man says.

“What happened?” I asked.

“You passes out after your 7th large bowl of chicken ramen. (Y/N) tried to wake you but couldn’t so she went home alone” he tells me. (Y/N)!!!! I got up and ran.

I got to the alley near my house. There was blood on the floor and walls of the alley.

“(Y/N)!” I yelled worried about her. I ran home to see if she was there.

She was laid in the bed asleep. There was small patches of blood but she seemed pretty alright. Neji sat next to her holding her hand. He looked up to look at me.

“Where were you!” Neji yelled at me and stood up. “She had to walk home alone and got kidnapped. She could have been seriously hurt” he hit me and I went flying into the wall.

“Im sorry” I said and (Y/N) woke up. She tried to sit up but was in pain.

“Stay still (Y/N)” neji said and glared at me.

“I tried to wake you up Naruto” (Y/N) said. She looked so fragile. What did I cause? I ran to sakura and she rushed back to (Y/N).

“(Y/N)”she said while healing her head “your injuries aren’t to serious on your head, however your other injuries I can only heal so much off, the rest will take time.”

(Y/N) is so strong. Neji picks her up.

“She is not staying here anymore. She shall live with me. Naruto obviously can not look after her” he says and leaves the room  with her, “Shes gonna live with me.”