Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 15: I had a nightmare

You lay in the bed, which Neji had made up for you, twitching. The memories of your past ran through your brain. Neji shook you and you woke screaming. He held you close.
“its okay, it was just a nightmare” He said rubbing your back. ‘Just a nightmare?’ you thought, you chuckled in your mind.
“they used to call me tree worm and fire orphan” you told him. More names they called you was
Sad sag
tree hugger
homeless Brat
mommy’s girl
burnt toast
refugee tree
Daddy snatcher
Sooter puncher
scorched tomato
Dead body

but they were to horrible I didn’t want to put it in my story so you didn’t tell him.

Neji looked at you. He could feel you heating up as he hugged you. He activated his byakugan.
“(Y/N) when was the last time you used your chakra?” He asked. You hadn’t used your chakra when on your last mission.
“4 years ago, i guess” you tell him. Your chakra was slowly going out.
“You need to train,” Neji says, “In the morning.”
You nodded.

You went back to sleep but the nightmare of a memory wouldn’t leave. Hinata came in, in the morning asking what the scream was.
“I had a nightmare” you said.