Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 17: Feeling ill

you woke up feeling sick. Neji was laid next to you, you dont remember what happened last night but Neji is in bed with you so it must have been good.You roll over, waking Neji up.
“Hey beautiful” he says in a seductive voice.
“Hey” you reply then have a coughing fit. He looks at you worried.
“you okay?” he is so worried.
“I-i thin-” you puked all over yourself. Neji got up and started to run you a bath. Then he came back to you and patted your back.

You lay their looking up at Neji. He held a cold, wet rag to your forehead keeping your temperature down until the bath was done.
“Ill bathe you” he says and you undress your self. You get in the bath and so does he. He holds you close and washes the sick off of your face. You loved being in the bath with Neji, even if he was wiping sick off your face, neck and back. His eyes caught yours.
“I promised i’ll take care off you” Neji says getting out of the bath. He lifts you out bridal style then gets you into clean clothes. He laid you in the bed with the rag on your face again.

You loved Neji looking after you. He brought you soup and gave you all of his attention. He kissed your head and told you to get some rest. He told you he would still be their when you woke up but you couldn’t sleep because of the nightmares.
“I love you Neji” You say weakly.
“I love you to (Y/N)” He said “Now get some sleep, you need it”