Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 19: Konohamaru

You sat with Konohameru as Iruka spoke. He was flicking things at people. You laugh and Iruka tells you off.

“(Y/N) what did I just say?” He asks like all teachers do when you wasn’t paying attention. You shocked him when you told him exactly what he said. Yeah mind powers mean you can read minds as well.

Konohameru looks at you. He is staring and creeping you out. You smacked him when you realized he was looking inappropriately. You growled slightly and looked back at Iruka.

“Konohameru, who’s your friend?” One of his buddies ask.
“This is (Y/N)” he says. Who does Konohameru remind you off…..  Naruto. Naruto and Konohameru are the same.