Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 2: Going back to the village

As you didn’t sleep again you started to realise that by leaving the village all you were doing was running away. If you truly wanted to be happy you would have to return home to the village and restore your clan to full power.

You packed all your things, which was very little, into a small ripped bag.You were ready to go home. Running at full speed, you ran back into the village. You are stopped by two ninja.

“that face” The ninja with the bandage over his face said to the other.

“could it be?” the other one says.

“whats your name kid?” The first shinobe asked you.

“My name is (Y/N)” you reply to their question.

“well i never, i never thought you would be here again, do you remember me (Y/N)” The shinobe with the bandage over his face said excitedly.

“Kotetsu?” you say after thinking. Kotetsu nods smiling widely, “which makes you Izumo” You say. You haven’t been in the village for about 4 years but they still remember you.

“Ill take you to the hokage” Izumo tells you “You havent met her before.” You remember hearing stories about the 3rd Hokage dying but you never believed them, now you can see that the rumours were true.