Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 20: Just trust me

a/n- Just letting you know these next few chapters are lemon so if your not into that stuff dont read the story till I say its safe again. I dont know why i want them to be lemon but I do so yolo thank you for reading this.

You came home from the academy. Lady Tsunade was stood waiting for you.
“(Y/N) I thought you was supposed to be living with Naruto!” She doesn’t seem happy. Her arms are crossed and she has that look in her eyes. Neji comes out and takes your hand.

“I have gotten you an apartment” she you the keys.  “I hope you will be comfortable there” she says “now I need to speak with Hiashi.” Neji nods and lets her in.
“Lets go to your new apartment. There is sommat I have been wanting to try out with you” Neji says with a wink.

You find the address and go in. It was fairy plane. It had a bed in the corner with blue covers; 2 books on a shelf; small kitchen; a blue rug on the floor and a little fire place.

Neji looks at you with lust in his eyes but you are completely oblivious about that.
“So what did you want to try out?” You ask. He snakes his hands onto your waist and pulls me close.
“Do you trust me (y/n)?” He asks.
“I trust you with my life Neji” you were still really confused.(a/n: *mimes hand going over the top of my head*)

Neji’s hand slips under your shirt and touches your bare skin. You feel his warm hands raising, lifting your shirt as they go up. Your face turns a deep shade of red as your top is taken off.
“N-n-neji… ” you stutter. Your words are cut of by him kissing you. He puts a finger to your lips.
“Shh dont say anything just trust me.” He lifts his shirt of then kisses you again.

You feel the warmth of his body touching your cold skin. He forces his tongue into your mouth and he licks every area twice, claiming his territory.  He pulls you closer and lifts you off of your feet. You cross your legs around him and he places you on the bed. Your eyes close as he removes your pants, leaving you in your undergarments.

The pressure pounds onto you as he grinds his rock hard dick against you. You let slip a tiny moan. He takes advantage of that and removes his pants. You open your eyes and you can clearly see the massive bulge in his boxers.

Your bra unhooks with one quick motion from Neji’s hand and onto the floor it goes.
“N-n-n-n-neji…” you start to speak again. Your stutters getting worse.
“Just trust me” he says “you’ll enjoy it.”