Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 21: That’s not what I want

He cups your breasts and squeeze, gently massaging them.  A shiver goes up your spine as he does this.

He shakes his head as he feels you shiver.
“Don’t shiver. I dont want that response” he says and licks your nipple making you erect. “That’s better.”

He licks both of your nipples equally and they go erect. He kisses in between your boobs and up you chest. He reaches your soft spot and you let of an involuntary moan. He marks that spot by sucking hard and licking on it. Numerous moans escape from the back of your throat.

He keeps sucking and pulls your panties down. You lock your legs shut.  He trails his tongue down your neck onto your boob. He sucks harshly on your boob till you open your legs. He strokes on top of your womanhood and massage it a bit.

You feel his finger slip inside of you and you yelp in pain. He moves it in and out. He has a look on his face which you dont like. He slips another finger in and it hurts you more.

“That’s not what I want to feel” he says. You weren’t wet yet.