Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 22: The sweet sensation of honey

Neji pulled his fingers out of you.
“You know Y/N, your being rather awkward.” He looked at your womanhood then around your apartment.  He got up and headed to the small kitchen area. You laid there watching him.

He opened a cupboard and pulled out a jar of honey.
“Looky what I found” he says, walking back to you.  He opened the jar and emptied it out on you. He spread it around your body till every inch of your torso was covered. The honey was rather warm and sticky.

Neji took advantage of this and licked around your bellybutton. You felt the stickiness vanish as it entered Neji’s mouth. He looked at you and started to lick upwards till there was no honey left apart from that which was on your breasts.

You closed your eyes as your left nipple entered his mouth and he sucked. You shivered as you slowly felt yourself becoming damper and damper. You got tight. Neji looked at you and stuck his finger back into your womanhood.

“Just what I wanted to feel” he says and sticks another in. “My god your so tight” he says. He licks off all the honey from your boobs, leaving your nipples erect. He removed his fingers and looked at you. He lined his huge throbbing dick up with you and then pushed it in.

You screamed as pain filled your body. He thrusted in and out. Blood covered the mattress. The pain soon vanished and you was left with pleasure. Neji carried on thrusting till you screamed out his name. Then he stopped teasing you.

“Did you just cum on me?” He asks and you nod. You felt it building up while he was thrusting but you were to busy moaning and yelling his name to be bothered to tell him.

Neji pulled out and lined his tongue up at the entrance of your dripping womanhood. His tongue entered and licked out all off the cum. You couldn’t help but moan.
“You taste sweeter than honey” he said and continued to lick you out.

You ans him had sex for hours. You didn’t stop till you had to open the door to a neighbor knocking at the door saying you were to loud. When you had gotten back to the bed Neji was fast asleep so you laid next to him and also fell asleep.

a/n-Its safe to read again. Thank you for being patient