Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 25: Kekkei Genkai

You woke up with a headache.  You were laid on Neji. He must have held you close all night. What happened last night? Neji wakes.
“good morning” he says.
“Good morning” you mumble. You climb out the tent and see Lee doing push ups. “What happened last night?” You ask.
“Do you not remember?” Neji asks in return.
“I remember someone yelling “Cock block” but I can’t remember who or why” you don’t understand.

(Nejis pov)
I take Lee off to the side so (y/n) cant hear.
“lee, lady Tsunade warned me about this. Don’t upset her again” Lee looks at me confused. I sigh “when she was on her last mission she was fighting some guys and she got really angry. Her eyes turned white and suddenly the guys eyes all started bleeding. They died from the inside out.” I explain.
“How did that happen?” Lee asks.
“(Y/n) has a rare kekkei genkai which is only known to the (l/n) clan. That same power gives them a short life span as well as it is harmful to them” Lee looks worried. He has become good friends with (y/n) lately, you can see it in his eyes that he’s sad. “And she nearly killed Gaara with the powers. She came out of her “trans” and he was lying there dying. She doesn’t even remember what happened.  But the truth is when shes using her power she cant tell friend from foe so we have to let her get on with it or calm her down before her eyes turn fully white” so much explaining.
“Then we must not let her get mad!” Lee says and runs of. I sigh. At least he now knows the danger.

(Lees pov)
(Y/n) is eating breakfast. I run up to her.
“Y/n we are setting off in a bit” I say. Neji comes close and hugs y/n from behind. I am kinda jealous but I will not let that interfere with the task at hand. I clear away all the tents as fast as lightning.
“I am ready to go” I say.

(Y/n) looks at me. She can really kill people from the inside out? I best not make her angry again. We head of on the road.
“(Y/n) hop on my back” I say and she does.  I run fast with her on my back and Neji has to keep up. I smell something and stop. Smoke? Neji finally caught up.
“Neji” I say.
“On it” he replies “byakugan” he looks around. “A group of ninja about 300 yards north west from here.” He tells us. (Y/n) has gone.

“Where did (y/n) go?” I ask
“Shes just outside their camp and her eyes are white” Neji says.

(Nejis pov)
I hold lee back. If she is using her kekkei genkai then I will not go near her. I keep my distance. Using my byakugan to see her, I make sure shes safe. She floats in the air. All the ninja are holding there heads. Blood is dripping from them. They all drop down dead.

(Y/n) drops to the floor. I run to her.
“Still breathing” she is unconscious.
“Wow” lee looks at the ninja.  “Wow”
“Lee say something”
“Other than that”
“Wow.” Is that all he can say “I cant believe she did that… wow is all I can say. I’m shocked for words”