Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 26: No trust

You wake up. Everything is blurred. Hair blows in your face.
“Shes awake” Lee yells. Your on Nejis back. “That rare Kekkei genkai of yours-”
“Shhh!” Neji violently shushes Lee.
“We should tell her Neji she wont like not knowing” Lee argues.
“I am here ya know” you interrupt.  Neji stops.
“You tell her then. I will not be responsible for what happens” he drops you and runs off.

Lee explains to you about your kekkei genkai and how you killed all the ninja at the camp.
“NEJI HYUGA!” you yell angrily. Neji is obviously scared because hes running faster. You tackle him.  “When was you going to tell me that i’m a murderer!” You snap.

Neji looks at you.
“It wasn’t time. I didn’t know how you would react!” He exploited the situation. You slap him hard across the face and get off him.
“You should have trusted me with it.” You feel so angry at him but if you do kill people when angry, you need to stay mellow so you don’t kill them.

You go to Lee.
“Y/n i’m sorry” Neji says.
“I don’t wanna hear it Neji, you didn’t trust me!” You feel tears form in your eyes. Lee hugs you and the tears fall onto Lees shoulder
“There there (y/n) there there”