Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 28: Diary Entry 3

Dear diary,
Hi its me again. I wanna punch Neji so bad! I wanna make him pay! I wanna hurt him!

No! I cant think like that. Oh diary what am I going to do? Lee told me that I may die because of this kekkei genkai that I didn’t ask to have.

We finally reached the sound village. There is this guy which I recognize. But who is he? He looks so familiar. Like I’ve known him my whole life. He has (h/c) hair like mine, and (e/c) like mine. In fact he looks like an older version of me, where I male, but who is he?

Wait could he be? No he cant be because hes dead. Wait could it be Diashi?

Love, (y/n)