Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 29: I’m sorry

You ran up to your brother. He was wearing a mask. You pulled the mask off his face and screamed. His face was all burned. It looked horrifying. Like someone had messed his face up purposefully
this is all your fault” he says to you.
“no its not” you retort “I didn’t do this.”
“This is ALL YOUR FAULT!” he spits.¬†
Neji comes behind you. You fall to your knees and cry. His eyes were bleeding. He had a knife in his hand “This is all your fault!” you screamed at his words. You grabbed the knife and looked in your reflection.
“this is all your fault!” you reflection is even blaming you.
You hold your head as Diashi, Neji and various¬†other voices, which you dont recognize, repeatedly say the words “Its all your fault!” you plunge the Knife into your chest. Blood runs down you, down your arms onto the ground. You close your eyes and pass away.

You scream loud enough to wake everyone up. Lee holds you and checks that your okay.
“Its all my fault!” you say. You look at Neji. He is facing away from you. A tear forms in your eyes. “i’m sorry” you whisper. You stand up and start walking into town.

(Nejis pov)
The ground around me is soggy. I really hurt her, something I can never forgive myself for. It doesn’t matter now. Shes gone. She left me with guilt and sorrow. I’m so sorry (Y/N) really I am. I hope she will forgive me for the sins I have committed. If she does then one day, maybe one day, there will be hope that i can forgive myself!