Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 30: Diachi

You saw him again. You brother.
“DIACHI!” You called out. His head turned to you direction. “DIACHI!”you hugged him.
“My names not Diachi” he says but hugs you back.
“Yes you are” you protest “I would never forget my brothers face.”
“Brother?” He twitches and pulls out a knife and stabs it into you. Your twisted scream could be heard for miles.

(Diachi’s pov)
Brother, why did she say that? I hold her face to look at me. She winces.
“I’m not your brother, my sister died 4 years ago in a fire” I tell her.
“Its funny” she spits out some blood “but my brother Diachi died in a fire to.”

I’m so confused.
“My sister is called (y/n)”
“That’s my name. Diachi…I am your sister” shes gone pale. The wound where I impaled her is dripping with blood. I inspect her.
“Yes you are” I say and pick her up bridal. “Don’t remove the blade yet”

(Neji’s pov)
I followed (y/n) but kept my distance. She came to a stop then ran to this guy. He then proceeded to stabbing her. I was close to running at him when Lee stopped me.
“That is her brother” Lee says “they haven’t seen each other in 4 years. Don’t ruin it for them.”
“How do you know its her brother? I thought her brother died” I question.
“So did she” he says. He hands me a picture of a boy with a much younger version of (y/n). “He matches the picture.” I turn the picture over. It reads “(y/n) and Diachi (l/n). (A random year).”