Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 31: Lullaby

A/n the lullaby in this is Natsuhiboshi. Its the only Japanese lullaby I know. If you dont want it and prefer another use that instead. Ill link yall to the Japanese version of the song
(Nejis pov)
He took her into a house. She is unconscious and pale. I cant believe he stabbed her. Some brother. His hands are glowing. Is he a medical ninja? It’ll be bad if he was because he knows the weaknesses in the muscles. Hes humming as his hands hover over the wound he gave (y/n).

“J-just l-like mamma u-used to sing” she work up. The guy nods.

(Diachi’s pov)
Nastuhiboshi, why are you so red?
Because I had a sad dream last night
My eyes are red from the tears I shed
Swollen as I cried” I sung to my younger sister. I’m not sure I remember the rest.

Natsuhiboshi, why’ve lost your way?
I’m searching for a child who’s gone afar
He cant be found though I searched all day
My sad dreams come once more” she finished the song.

I hear something from outside the window, though I choose to heal (y/n) before checking it out.

(Y/n’s pov)
I looked out the window. I could see the top of their heads.
“Neji Hyuga” he stands up. He has his byakugan activated. “Rock Lee” he also stands up but with a grin on his face.
“I told him not to ruin the moment for you (y/n)”Lee cries.
“Yeah yeah shut it” I say.
“Who are these?” Diachi inquires.
“These are my friends” I answer and smile.

(Nejis pov)
Friend. I guess that means we have broken up.
“You must be Diachi” I say. A strong hand grabs the front of my shirt.
“You upset my sister.” He pulls me through the window and throws me to the ground. How did he know? Does he have mind powers to? Of course he does hes a (l/n). “I thought Hyuga’s were raised better than that.” I look down ashamed.

(Y/n’s pov)
Diachi was going to beat up Neji.
“He didn’t mean to” I speak up. “Hes my boyfriend. He was just trying to protect me.” I help Neji up and hug him.
“I love you y/n” Neji says.
“I love you to”
“Whatever” Diachi says. He goes to the kitchen. Hes humming mothers lullaby again.