Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 33: Experimentation

(Diachi’s POV)
I am under orders. I shouldn’t want to take my sister to him but I have to. Lord Orochimaru has been nagging me for months now to bring her to him. Ever since she was on that mission and caught me. Our powers are unique and he wants more like me, sadly shes the last one.

I look over her. She looks so peaceful.  I have to be quick. I put my mask on and pick her up over my shoulder.  I have to be back here before the others wake up or ill be caught.

“Ah, Diachi” Lord Orcohimaru says as I enter his hideout with (y/n), “I’ve been waiting.”
“Sorry it took so long sir, I had to earn her trust first.” I answer. I feel awful. Why do I feel awful?

Kabuto lays her down on a table with lab equipment around it.
“You should go. Them other people should be waking soon” he tells me. He starts to stab pipes into (y/n) ready for the experiment.  Why am I so worried? Shell be okay. She’s strong.

I dash of back to the village and lay on the floor without my mask on. Lee wakes up with a massive yawn.
“That was a good night sleep” he says. He sees me and Neji on the floor. I pretend to wake up next. I rub my eyes and shake my head. Neji wakes. “Why were you on the floor?” Lee asks.

Neji looks around.
“Where is (y/n)?” He is fully alert and wide eyed.  This is new to me. Maybe lord Orochimaru would like him aswell one day. One day but not today.
“(Y/n)?” Lee looks around. Shes not here.

I rub the back if my head.
“I think we were gassed” I say. Neji activates the Byuakugan.
“Shes not here” he says “but.” He found my mask. S***. My mask has my old headband on it. The leaf symbol crossed out as I left the village and became a rouge ninja.
“Where is she!?” He snaps.

I look down and hold my stomach. I have a weird feeling and I don’t like it. I should never have sent my sister in to lord Orochimaru. Never.
“I have a confession to make” I rub the back of my neck “(y/n) is…. with Lord Orochimaru, being experimented on.”

(Your pov)
I open my eyes. So much pain fills my body making my eyes swell up with tears.
“Don’t cry” a voice says. My eyes are are blurred from crying. “Don’t cry, you’ll ruin the experiment! ” hes snapping at me.

I cant move my body. The guy wipes my eyes and I can see clearly. There is about 5 tubes coming out of my body. I want to scream but I cant make the noise come out.
“I’m going to make you even more powerful. That’s if you survive this experiment” another voice says. The guy with purple hair looks over to the second guy. I manage to turn my head and look. Its Orochimaru. I feel my body suddenly start to shake then more pain comes. The pipes fill with green liquid and it enters my body. I… cant… breathe….

“Keep her awake” Orochimaru orders.  Kabuto starts to frantically work. “I do not want to lose her.” Kabuto’s hands glow. He puts and oxygen mask over me.

“Maybe she’s to weak for this lord Orochimaru” Kabuto says.
“No shes strong enough, if she survives this bit then shell survive the rest of the experiment” Orochimaru explains.
“That is uncertain” Kabuto says.

How did I even get here?