Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 34: Hello Sai

(Kabuto’s pov)
Shes failing. Her vitals are dropping. I cant stop now or lord Orochimaru will have my head, but if I dont stop she wont live. I look at her. Shes squirmed at the pain. I gave her an anesthetic so it doesn’t hurt so much but shes still squirming.

I hear something.
“Someones here” I say to Orochimaru.
“Yes. You stay here and continue. Ill go and greet our guest” he replies.
Sai comes through the door as Orochimaru leaves. He looks at the girl.

“Is that the girl with special powers?” He asks.
“Yes” I simply say. I inject her with more anesthetic. She looks at me. Her body is shaking immensely. I have to stop now or this experiment will be a failure. I shut down the pipes and remove them from her.

(Sai’s Pov)
This girl doesn’t look all that special. She looks rather pale, but that might just be the fluids making her pale. Her eyes though. The way shes looking at me. I dont have emotions but the way I feel. Its warm.

(Your pov)
You look at this boy in front of you. You recognize him, you think. You’ve seen him around. You use all your strength to lift your hand up to him. He grabs hold of it.
“D-dont l-leave me” you say.
“I wont” he says. He has a soft voice. His hands felt cold. You could feel them against yours skin.

“I’m (y-y/n)” you croak out.
“Hello, I am Sai” he answers. You smile but it is a pained smile. You close your eyes and fall to sleep.

(Sai’s pov)
I’m watching her sleep. Shes giving me emotions. I feel…. love. I want to plant my lips on hers. Is this normal? I sit next to her and hold her hand while she sleeps.

She wakes a few hours later, looking a lot stronger.
“Hello Sai” she says. She isn’t stuttering no more.
“Hello (y/n)”I say and kiss her hand. She laughs a little bit and pulls me into a hug. I dont know what this means.