Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 35: Sai and (y/n)

(Neji’s pov)
We ran as fast as we could. I honestly didn’t trust Diachi anyway and now I definitely dont.
“I swear if shes hurt ill…”
“You’ll what? For the first time ever i’m hurt about sending someone to Orochimaru. There is nothing you can do to hurt me more” Diachi says “if you hurt me It wont make a difference. If you kill me ill be relieved.”

We find the entrance to the hideout. No guards. That is saying something about Orochimaru isn’t it? We run in. Then someone is waiting for us in the corridor.

“Diachi, I didn’t think you would be back so soon. And you brought guests” Orochimaru says. Diachi’s nose wrinkles up “don’t touch them” He says.
“I wasn’t planning on touching them… yet.” Diachi is getting angry.
“Where is (y/n)?” Lee boldly asks.
“Ill take you to her.” Orochimaru snickers “its probably the last you’ll see of her anyway.”

What did he mean by that? Is she going to die? Are we going to die? Is she going to be held captive? Numerous conclusions to what he said is flooding through my head.

He guides us through a lab. There she is. Shes laid with some Leaf ninja.
“Kabuto, why is the experiment no longer running?” Orochimaru asks.
“Her vitals were dropping it was either stop or she dies” Kabuto explains.

I go up to her.
“(Y/n)?” I ask. She looks at me.
“Sai this is Neji, Neji this is Sai” she introduces. Her skin looks rather green. Like a pale green its horrible to see her this way.
“I love (y/n) ” Sai says “and she loves me.”

I want to punch him so hard.
“But I love her” I say, trying to keep calm.
“And I love you to Neji” (y/n) says. She looked at us, “but I also love Sai.”
“who do you love more?” Me and Sai as in unison.
“Both” she giggles and kisses Sai on the lips. The kiss lasts about five seconds and doesn’t look very interesting.  She faces me. She closes her eyes and kisses me with passion. Our kiss lasted more that a minute and it was amazing. She pulled away.