Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 36: Experiment failed

(Diachi’s pov)
I looked at (y/n) and her boys. She looks so happy with them. I didn’t want to ruin their fun but lord Orochimaru ordered me to take Neji and Lee to “their room”. I have to lock them in. Sai has to report to his duties.

(Kabuto’s pov)
She looks fully rested. If I dont complete the experiment now it will never be complete. I let Diachi watch. If something goes wrong its handy for another medical ninja to be near for help. I start to funnel through the liquids. She looks in agony again. I almost feel sorry for her, almost. When this experiment is done she may be stronger than her brother.

She goes still. Her vital signs are bad again. I stop the experiment before I kill her. This isn’t good. Maybe she wasn’t as strong as we had hoped.

(Diachi’s pov)
I got to check on my sister. She is unconscious. I look at her information.
“This isn’t good. Shell never be able to use her kekkei genkai again” I say.
“She just wasn’t strong enough” Kabuto answers. She was strong though. She took so much pain for an experiment she never volunteered for. I feel guilty now.

“Among our clan people tend to die young” I find myself talking to Neji and Lee. “Our kekkei genkai has a strong force and uses a lot of brain power to operate….” I take a deep breath and a tear falls “(y/n)’s experiment was a failure. If she ever attempts to use that Kekkei genkai again she will die, and its my fault.” Its all my fault
“But she cant control when she uses it” Lee says. I feel pain building up in my chest.
“Then I have killed my sister” I place my head in my hand. I think I cry but i’m not sure. My head is hurting. My chest feels like its on fire. I am guilty.