Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 37: Escape route

(Neji’s pov)
I took a deep breath. The news delivered to me is terrible. I refuse to let her die. She is more than just a lab rat.

Diachi let us out. I went to go see her. I know shes unconscious not dead but I still feel like crying. I pull the pipes out if her quickly. There is only me here.
“Lee!” I call. He comes running in. “Help me get her out of here.” Lee nods.

He places her steadily on his back. Hes faster than I am. He runs out with her on his back. I use my byakugan to make sure everything is clear. We run as fast as our legs can carry us and then faster. Lee manages to get out just before my route is blocked by Kabuto.

“Trying to escape” he spat at me. I get into my fighting stance. I know ill have to fight my way out. Kabuto smirks. I have to make this quick. (y/n) depends on it. Maybe if we get back to the village quickly lady Tsunade could help (y/n).

Kabuto raised his hand and it glowed. I have to remember to use tai jutsu as well as my byakugan. I have to be quick, (y/n) depends on it.

Kabuto never strikes first. I go into my 8 trigons and do my 64 palms. He dodges almost all of them. I find myself blocking the exit now. That’s just what I needed. I ran out as fast as my legs would carry me.