Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 38: Neji’s entry

Dear (y/n)’s diary,
I dont mean to intrude into (y/n)’s secrets and thoughts but I thought it best to tell you that it is not likely she will wake up. She is in a really really deep coma. The chances of her waking are 3/10. That’s not good at all. I hope she wakes. My chest is killing. I feel as though my heart my stop.

How is Lee and Sai taking this? Well Sai came back with us because he loves (y/n). He is currently trying to process what has happened. He and I are taking it as well as expected. Lee on the other hand is training harder then usual. He thinks that if he trains hard then she may wake. I hope she does

Love, a nervous Neji