Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 39: Messages to (y/n)

Dear (y/n)’s diary,
It is I, the handsomest devil known to the hidden leaf village, Rock Lee. I’m writing in you because Neji said we should all leave a message for (y/n) to read when she wakes up. If she wakes up. God it hurts to think like that. Okay here are the messages (y/n):

Babe, seeing you like this is hurting me so much. I care to much for you. I know you will be fine. Just do not use your kekkei genkai ever again and we can have a happy life together. You have changed me so much. You have taught me how to be me and I love you” -Neji

“(Y/n) its your sensei, Jiraiya. You should be glad i;m writing this, I have stopped researching┬ájust for you. I hope you get better so we can get to training soon. Your new team are dying to meet you. Don’t worry ill look after you” -Jiraiya

“Being with you (y/n) is weird. It makes me feel warm and happy. That is a huge deal to me, thank you. I know Neji loves you so you can just be my best friend okay *smiles*. That smile is not a fake smile its a real one. I finally learned to feel” -Sai

“(Y/n) hurry up and get better so I can take you out for ramen. I haven’t really seen you for a while and I have missed you.” -Naruto

“You are a massive part of my heart. You cheer Neji up so that cheers me up. Your the best friend anyone could ever have and you have such nice manners” -Hinata

“When I said I wanted to train you to be a medical ninja, I saw something bright in you. When you wake up I will start to give you private lessons.” -Tsunade

“I want you to come with me when your better (y/n) it will be fun” -Lee

“Get well soon!!!” -everyone

Love, the hidden leaf village