Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader) – Chapter 4: Moving in

Naruto suddenly became very wellcoming. You figured that he didn’t want you because you are a strange girl and you just came back to the village. Also Naruto had just met you and Tsunade made you live with him.

He seems like a knuckle head but hes quite funny. You think you should be hasty around him though. He took you to his house.

“I don’t have a guest room, so that means your on the floor. Is that alright?” He asks. You nod.

“Thank you for your hospitality” you smile. He looks confused.

“Hospialiwo?” He doesn’t know what that means.

“Your not to bright are you?” You giggle.

His room was untidy. It had ramen bowls and dirty underwear on the floor. Charming.  You pick up his underwear and throw them in a basket.

“Er what are you doing?” Naruto asks. His eyes had grown tiny because you picked up his underwear.

“Cleaning. Ill wash them for you if you like” you tell him. He doesn’t deny.

That night you lay on the home made bed looking at the ceiling.  You were homr but you still felt the same. You gasped as the memory flooded in. Naruto woke.

“Uh (Y/N) are you okay? ” he sheepishly asks.

“Yeah, its just memories. They keep me up all night” you say.

“Memories?” He jumps up. He seems very worried about you. “Memories. Bad memories?” You nod at his question.

“I dont wanna talk about it” you say. He nods and pats his bed.

“You can have the bed, ill take the floor. Maybe then you could sleep”