Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 41: Introduction

You stood around waiting for Jiraiya. He wad bringing your new comrades to train with you today. Apparently they have been warned not to anger you but they don’t know why. Neither do you to be honest.

“Hey (y/n), glad to see you up and about” Jiraiya says from behind you. You turn quickly and swiftly on the spot.
“Glad to be up Sensei” you bowed in respect.

Behind Jiraiya was two kids your age. One was a girl. She was very pretty. She had emerald green eyes which contrasted with her long red hair. Her freckles cover her face and her smile is so big it brightens up her face.

The other genin is a boy with ginger/orange hair. His eyes are pale blue and his eye brows make him look angry.

“I’m Amelia” says the girl. Her voice is soft and kind of squeaky.
“I’m Jimmy” says the boy. His voice sounds quite rough but calm at the same time. His name doesn’t match his eyebrows.

“I-I’m (y/n)” I say with a stutter. I aren’t good at meeting new people. Not after the incident with Diachi. I still dont remember what happened then.