Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 42: Blubbering mess

(Jiraiya’s pov)
The team was really good at fighting. (Y/n) was okay but she needs to get back up to speed. I dont need to worry about that though. Its all you can expect from someone who just came out of a coma. What I am concerned about is that kid. Jimmy. He keeps harassing (y/n) to use her Kekkei genkai. I am not allowed to let that happen but it will eventually. I know it. I am going to tell her, that way she knows of the danger.

(Neji’s pov)
(Y/n) came home from her training exhausted. I’m just glad to see her awake. She is currently laid in bed asleep resting he head on me. I am stroking her beautiful (h/l) (h/c) hair. I love her to much to be able to let her go. I wonder what shes dreaming of.

(Your pov)
I woke up next to Neji. A smile crept on my face when I saw he was asleep. I gave him a kiss and woke him up.
“Hey beautiful” he says.
“H-hey” I say back. I turned into a blubbering mess. My face is bright red. Just like the time I first met him.
“Want to go for some ramen?” He asks. I nod. I don’t wanna stutter to much.