Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 43: Don’t do it

You walk with Neji to get Ramen. To no surprise Naruto was sat eating a large bowl of chicken ramen and Kakashi Sensei was sat next to him eating.
“Is this seat taken?” I ask sitting next to Naruto.
“(Y/n)!!!” He hugged you so tight you could hardly breathe. Neji sat next to you.
“So your the famous (y/n) that everyone has been talking about” Kakashi says. You nod.
“You bet she is, kakashi Sensei. She has this cool power with her brain. You should really see it. You would hardly believe it” Naruto blabs.

“Shes of the (l/n) clan isn’t she?” You nod to Kakashi’s question. “Then she has the mocree.”
“Whats the mocree?”Naruto asks. We all stare at him.
“My powers” you say monotonously.
“Demonstrate (y/n), I dont think I’ve ever seen the mocree in action in my life” Kakashi requests.
“No!!” Neji yells “she will not be using it.” You blink at Neji.
“Why not?” You ask.
“Because you cant!!! I will not allow it!!” Your eyes tear up and you run off crying.
“Smooth Neji” Naruto says.
“Well if she uses her mocree she dies and I dont want to lose her” Neji defends.