Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 45: He’s not worth it

You and the team was at the training ground. Jiraiya hadn’t appeared. He was probably perving some girls. So you and your team started to train.

So it turned out, Amelia summoned weapons (like Tenten) while Jimmy was a puppet master (like Kankuro). You were the only one who wasn’t allowed to show off. JIraiya said you had to be under his supervision when training so nothing bad happened to you.

“Your last name is (l/n) isn’t it?” Amelia asks. You nod. “Then you have the mocree?” She asks again.
“Use it now!” Jimmy orders. “Use it or we won’t believe your a (l/n).”
“I’m not allowed to use it” you say.
“Okay then. What’s your real name?” Jimmy interrogates.
“(F/n) (l/n)” you answer.
“Prove it.” Jimmy glared at you. Amelia is biting her lip looking at him. They are brother and sister but so opposite.

You stand up and get an animal. You wasn’t going to kill a human and this animal was about to die anyway. You focus your chakra and your eyes turned white.
“Cool” Jimmy and Amelia say together. Suddenly pain strikes your head. Your eyes turn normal and you hold your head. You scream out in pain and everything goes black. You see your mother and father. They are beckoning you to them. You run to them and they hold you. You are no longer the (age) girl you are but the 8 year old girl who lost her parents. But your parents are here. You feel all the relief disappear all at once, just as you disappeared.

(Neji’s pov)
I was walking with Lee and Tenten. They want to train with me so off to the training ground we went. Tenten said a joke and Lee was laughing, maybe a little to hard. I chuckled. We went around the corner and I saw her. My beautiful (y/n) sprawled out on the concrete. I ran to her and checked her pulse. Nothing. Her skin was cold as ice. I looked at her team mates.

“What happened!?” I demanded an answer.
“We dont know” says the girl.
” she was using her mocree and she just kield over” the boy says. I activate my byakugan.
“(Y/n) wouldn’t use it unless she was angry or had been made to so which is it?” I glare at the ginger more.
“He made her” the girl says “he said she had to prove that she was a (l/n) or he wouldn’t believe her.”

I pounced. If it wasn’t for Lee holding me back I would have killed him. I would have killed him like he killed her. You can see the tears building up in Lees eyes.
“Hes not worth it” Lee says. He is crying. I think I cry. I definitely felt my legs vanish from under me. I pulled her onto my lap. My beautiful princess. I keep thinking shes about to wake up. But she won’t. Not this time. Shes gone for good.