Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 5: Meeting him

You still didn’t sleep after Naruto gave you the bed. He woke you in the morning and said it was time for training. You groaned and got up. Naruto had made you a bowl of cereal.

“so (Y/N), was you a ninja before you left the village” he inquired.

“I had just become a genin. I was 7 years old.” you say and pull out your broken headband from your bag. You looked at it then squeezed it tightly as the memories came back. Tears formed but you thought them off. “So, how about you introduce me to your friends?” Naruto smiles.

“oh yeah, you’ll love them” He dragged you out to the training ground. Thats when you saw him. The boy with the light purple eyes and long, flowing brown hair. You looked at you, the boy was staring at you. “Thats Neji, hes sooo stuck up but hes a great friend and comerad” Naruto explains. Neji walks towards.

“I don’t recal seeing you around here” He says to you. His voice is so soft and sends shivers up your spine.

“I just came back. I left the village 4 years ago after my parents and brother died” You explain tears forming in your eyes again. He looked at your eyes and you into his.

“ehhh you two aren’t gonna kiss are you?” Naruto says, interupting the moment, “it’s just that you were staring into each others eyes and getting close”
“Are you iquiering that i would “fall in love on first sight” Naruto?” Neji asks. Naruto shakes his hands helplessly in front of him.
“No Neji, i was just wondering” Naruto panics.
“Gentle fist!” Neji pokes Naruto in the stomach, Naruto flies backwards and you giggle.” Their is no such thing as “falling in love at first sight”” You giggle more.