Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader) – Chapter 6: Jiraiya

Naruto had dragged you away from Neji. For some reason you were awfully attracted to him.  He seemed attracted to you as well. The thought of this made you blush. He was all you could think while Naruto was introducing you to his friends.

“You are a love struck puppy aren’t you?” Naruto laughs. You blush immensely.

“No” you say. You both laugh. “So what do you like to do around here?” You ask.

“I love ramen and training, believe it” Naruto has the biggest grin ever on his face.

A strange old man came to the window. He has long white hair and red lines drawn on his face which led from his eyes, down his cheeks.

“Hows it going Naruto!” He says with a comfident voice. You recognise him. One of the legendary sanin of the hidden leaf.  The toad master Jaraiya. You met him when you were younger. You were good friends before you left.


“I was doing important missions” Jaraiya argued

“Yeah right, spying on pretty women for that book of yours more like it” Naruto replied.

“What no…” Jaraiya defended “wait do my eyes decieve me? Little (Y/N).” You smile. He remembers you, which makes you happy. “Little (Y/N) my how you’ve grown.”

You smile. “Its been 4 years Jaraiya” you grin, “you haven’t changed a bit.”

“Well its hard work to look as good as I do” Jaraiya jokes.

“Yeah right old man” Naruto tolerates. You laugh and trip backwards. You bang your head and one of your sleeves for your well over worn tshirt rips.  Jaraiyas eyes widen and his nose bleeds. Naruto wacks him and helps you up. Your head is cut slightly from banging it. “Why is it all you ever think about is pretty women?” Naruto snaps at Jaraiya.

“Sorry” the sanin apologies.

“Why is it all you think about is ramen, Naruto?” You stick up for Jaraiya. The old man looks at your head.

“We better get that patched up” he tells you.

“No its fine” you defend.

“Well if you say so” Naruto says and helps you up. You don’t care about the injury. Jaraiya was one of your best friends and hes back