Falling in love with a Hyuga (Neji x reader)- Chapter 9: Love being discovered

(A/N- this is in Neji’s POV, i hope you like it)
I tossed and turned all night. The way (Y/N) looks at me makes me feel something which I have never felt before. A warm feeling. Its weird but I like it. I got up and went out into the┬ácompound. There is a person training, I haven’t a good veiw here but it looks like Hinata. She sees me and I walk to her.

“N-neji,” shes so shy “W-what are you doing up?” Hinata asks. I look at her. From the way she was training she has improved a lot.

“I couldn’t sleep. I have this feeling. I don’t know what it is” I explain. She looks at me. “It feels warm and welcoming, and I only get it around (Y/N)” Hinata giggles at what I said my feeling felt like.

“does her face go red when shes with you?” She asks. I dunno what she is implying but come to think of it (Y/N)s face did turn bright red before she fainted yesterday. I nod in response to Hinata’s question. “Then isn’t it obvious” she says and blushes. “she loves you, and that warm feeling you get means you love her back”

“How is that so obvious?” this makes no sense to me. I understand what love is. Love is feeling something for someone close to you. Love is having enough feeling for someone that you would die for them.┬áLove is being there for someone when they need it.

“The way she acts is…” she blushes, “the way i act around Naruto.” Now I think of it, I do have that warm feeling only around her, she is close to me. I would gladly help her and make her happy, and i would hate to see her dead. Life without (Y/N) would be boring and not at all fun, I would take a kunai for her, I would protect her with my life…….. I am in love with her!!!!!!