I hate you (A Grelliam Yandere story)- Chapter 1

I remember dying. I remember waking up like nothing had happened, I also remember the red hair of the reaper that guided me. My name is Amelia and I am going to tell you a story that I witnessed with my own eyes. It’s a rather intense story that may upset some readers but it’s your choice if you want to find out what happens in it or not. This story is about reaper Grell Sutcliff and her “boyfriend” William T Spears and it begins with a manor on the edge of London where the young earl Ciel Phantomhive lived with his handsome butler Sebastian Michaelis.

“master are you alright?” Sebastian, the crow demon, asked the young lord. Today was exactly one year since the death of Angelina Dalice- otherwise known as madam red. We all know that story. If you didn’t why are you reading now? Ciel has been grieving quite a lot lately. It was becoming a bit of a horrible patch of the year.
“Sebastian….” Ciel thought about what he was going to say “you know that ridiculous reaper?”
“if your referring to Grell Sutcliff my lord then yes” Sebastian replied. “What of him?”
“I was thinking about inviting him for tea” Ciel said. “I wish to speak to him.” They hadn’t seen Grell for a while. A few things had changed since then but that needn’t be an issue. A small change was the fact that Grell had undergone a surgery to make him officially a her.
“Very well master” Sebastian uttered, “I shall go find him and invite him into the household.” Sebastian headed to London and awaited the small red haired reapers arrival. Just as expected she came but that was nearly three hours later. Even the Buddha gets bored after a while of waiting patiently, and Sebastian was no Buddha.
“Hello Grell” Sebastian spoke. Grell looked at the taller handsome man.
“Bassy! What is a gorgeous man like you doing all alone at this hour? Waiting for me darling?” Grell asked in her usual overly flamboyant voice. “Is the brat with you or are you alone?”
“I am alone. My master has instructed me to collect you and invite you into our home” Sebastian bowed. Bowing to this reaper really didn’t excite him. Bowing to any reaper doesn’t excite him but this one in particular annoyed him.
“Awe how sweet of you, I can make my own way there darling I just have some things to finish of with work” Grell answered. Sebastian nodded.
“Very well” He spoke, “Then I guess I shall take my leave. Arrive when you can. Oh and Grell…. Don’t keep us waiting too long.” His voice had the usual scary, dark tone that Grell loved to hear. His coldness always excited the small red reaper after all.

What Grell did was completely obvious. She finished her reap quickly and ran to the Phantomhive estate. This didn’t go unnoticed by her superior, who watched her run off, but he didn’t do anything. She knocked on the door and Sebastian answered. Me, having been recruited by the Phantomhive boy as a servant (I was doing work for William secretly) stood next to the crow demon and smiled as my superior entered the building, gliding across the floor like a fairy. She smirked at me and latched herself onto Sebastian’s arm.
“Bassy, I was so glad to get your invite. I must say, being the lady I am, that you look absolutely stunning today darling!” She blatantly flirted. I looked away in disgust as she pressed her breasts against his arm. Sebastian, fortunately, responded to this as should be expected from him. He gave her no notice, which pleased me. Grell should not be fraternising with a demon. I have nothing against interspecies relationships, however a demon and a reaper cannot be. Demons are creatures of hell that eat souls and like to play with their food, whereas reapers are creatures of… let’s say heaven, who collect souls so that they may pass onto the afterlife. We two species are so opposite that we’d never get along.

Grell let go as soon as Ciel walked into the room. She glanced at the small earl then back at Sebastian.
“Oh yes, I remember, you invited me to talk to the brat” Grell said in a rather irritated tone. “Of course, I aren’t even surprised. It’s just follow the leader with you. ‘Do this’ and ‘do that’ if I am only here to play as well then I am leaving so you better tell me why I am here.”
“I want to talk to you about Madam Red” said Ciel. He had closed his eyes thinking about the night she died again. I remember Will telling me about that. Grell was brutal and killed her for the weakness in her heart. Every time Will mentioned Grell when telling me the story, I thought for sure he had a small smile on his face, which is rather odd for him.
“What of her?” Grell’s arms where down the side of her with her fists clenched tight. She was gritting her teeth. I have never seen her so angry about anything like this before. I put my hand on her shoulder.
“Grell, please calm down” I spoke, trying to sooth her. She looked at me.
“Why are you here? Willy forcing you to work for that brat? Would you like me to kick off for you?” Her voice was a bit calmer but was still rough. She had a smile on her face when talking to me but when facing the boys infront of her she had a scowl.
“No it’s fine, if I feel the need to kick off I will do it myself. Will won’t know what hit him. Right now I quite like working for the Earl” I smiled. She rolled her eyes at me.
“You mean you like to be near Bassy. I don’t blame you for that. He is handsome as hell” Sebastian’s ego had a massive boost from that comment I am sure of it.
“No. I admit Sebastian is a fine man, however I do not like him like that. He is a demon and I a reaper,  I learned to give up trying with demons after the Claude Faustus incident. Demons do not have hearts. They will never know love and will never accept it.” I pushed up my glasses. The Claude incident happened as soon as I passed my exams. I had to collect a soul of a man who was a guest at the Trancy ball. I spotted Claude and I honestly felt love for him. He didn’t return the love though,  he just took advantage of it, so since them few months I realised demons are incapable of love. I learned the hard way.

“Sebastian are you not going to offer our guest some tea” said Ciel. He had sensed the air in the atmosphere become stale and tried to relieve the tension. Sebastian nodded and went to go get the tea pot. “Amelia will you go seat our guest in the study” I nodded and smiled.
“Yes my lord” I bowed and looked at Grell. “Do follow Grell.” said I. I could hear Grell grumbling as she followed me. It made a nice change for Grell to follow me for once, rather than me follow Grell.
“Amelia.  How did you wind up serving here? What’s your job description?” Grell asked.
“That’s classified Grell” I shook my head.
“I’m your superior, you can tell me.”
“I can’t. It is classified.”
“Amelia tell me!” She half yelled. I looked at her and shook my head.
“You can sit on this seat”  I changed the subject. Grell sat down and I sat on a seat in the corner of the room. I don’t know why Ciel wanted to talk to her,  other than she is the reason that his aunt is dead. If he wanted to speak to her, why didn’t he do it sooner? Unless it’s because it’s the anniversary of her death. Is it hitting him hard?  I never thought Ciel was one to react that way.  Surely the only deaths he cares about was his parents deaths- not his aunts. But what would I know?  I only just started working for him and no one can understand the mind of Ciel Phantomhive apart from Ciel himself.