I hate you (A Grelliam Yandere story)- Chapter 2

I was sent out of the room while Ciel spoke to Grell. I hung out with Sebastian, who was more interested in getting his work done than me. Hearing a tap on the window, I went to investigate what had caused the noise. The wind was blowing and from what I had gathered, a tree branch had just hit the window. Sighing, I opened the window to snap off the branch, only to be grabbed by a hand. I wanted to scream but a hand went over my mouth till I had calmed. It was William.
“Mr Spears, what are you doing here?” I asked, “I have not finished my job yet.”
“I came to check up on you, I heard that Sutcliff was here.” He said. I didn’t understand how he had heard Grell was here, She has only been present in this household for a little over an hour.
“I am fine sir.”The door opened down the hall and Wills head shot towards the noise.
“I have to go.” He said before vanishing. Grell came skipping down the hall.
“What are you doing at the window Amelia?” She asked as she got to my position. She looked about outside but saw no one there. “Were you talking to yourself?”
“I wasn’t talking ma’am” I told her, “I was just snapping off the branch from the tree as it was tapping on the window.”

Grell began to tell me what happened while she was in the study. She told me everything that was said and everything that was going to happen.
“So the brat joined me in the room and you left. He told me that he didn’t hate me for killing Madam Red, and that I was forgiven. He actually thanked me, which shocked me a lot. He remembered that he had offered Sebastian to me for a day in exchange for my help before. Tomorrow I am to have him for a day, however I do not know what to do with him. Oh tell me Amelia, what shall I do? No guy has ever excepted me before. I am not one that man loves. I would entertain him in a intimate way, however that would not be right. Ronald has said he has all claims on that. I only know how to flirt, I do not know how to love.” She put her head in her hands and wept. I didn’t know quite what to say to her. I know that she has been flirting with Sebastian for a long time now- as she does with Mr Spears and the Undertaker- however I did not know that she is one of Ronald’s floozies.
“Grell, I am not quite sure what you are asking me. If you’re asking whether you should commit sexual activities with him- well that is your own choice. If you are asking whether you should just have a relaxed day- a meal and cuddling- well that would be nice for you and for him. Sebastian works hard twenty four hours a day, he would like a good rest. If things get sensual then so be it.” Grell grabbed me and pulled me into a hug.
“Thank you” She whispered and rushed off to find Sebastian, who was to give her a room for the night.

I turned around to close the window, only to see William’s face again. Shocked, I held my chest and looked at him. He seemed to have been fixating on where Grell had been previously stood.
“Mr Spears?” I asked and waved my hand in front of his face to get his attention off the spot. He shook his head.
“I am sorry. Listen, are you able to meet me at my office in one hour?” William asked. I shrugged in response but I knew I could. It was dark out- nearly 9:30. Ciel was to go to bed soon, so I would not be needed. I could get to William’s office in about five minutes, maybe less, so I knew I would be able to make it.
“I guess so.” I said. He smiled.
“Great. I will see you there.” He was gone too quick for me to add onto the conversation, so I just closed the window. Sebastian came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder- making me jump.
“What is it with everyone making me jump tonight?” I asked and turned to face him.
“I am sorry,” He apologized “I did not mean to scare you I merely came to you for advice.”

I walked with Sebastian to his room so we could speak in private. He seemed really nervous (which is something I have never seen from him before).
“What is wrong Sebastian?” I inquired. He sat down on his bed and i sat with him. ┬áThe bed was really tidy, like no one had ever been on it. Then again Sebastian doesn’t speak so he wouldn’t need to do anything with it.
“The master has informed me that tomorrow I am to be under Grell’s command.” He began. “I can see the reaper asking me to kiss… Her… and other stuff and I really don’t mind that, however I am a little concerned that Ciel is asking me to do this.”
“Indeed it is out of the ordinary for Ciel, but Sebastian it is one day. Just don’t hurt her. What advice do you need?” I asked inspecting him. His hands were together and shaking a little. “If you are alright with Grell kissing you, then I don’t see the trouble.”
“You have known Grell for a long time, She was the one who found you and raised you as a reaper. If anyone knows Grell it is you. I want to know, what sort of stuff is she going to ask of me tomorrow. I barely know anything of her and I dont want to be dissapointed in me.”
“Grell is a caring woman Sebastian. She wouldn’t be dissapointed in you if you blew up half the town and Will made her collect all the souls. She loves you. She wasn’t sure of what she was going to ask you to do tomorrow so, from what I have gathered, You are going to have a day of rest. She’ll cuddle up to you- you can share a few kisses- and just relax. If anything sexual happens, it will happen, but you each have a say in it- not just her.” I explained to him. He looked at me confused.
“What say do I have in the matter? Ciel has ordered me to do anything she asks of me.”
“Sebastian, she won’t ask anything of you. She isn’t that sort of a girl. A massive flirt- yes- but a erotic lover- not so much, unless for Ronald as I have heard.”

I had managed to calm Sebastian down and he went off to put Ciel to bed. I took this opportunity to go to headquarters to see what William wanted. It was rather cold out, so I ran extra fast (making it there in a little over 3 minutes rather than 5). I knocked on his office door and he let me in.
“What is it sir?” I asked him as I sat in the seat opposite his desk.
“I think I am in love.” He spoke quietly.
“Right. Who for? And does she know of this?” I questioned. He shook his head.
“You’re the first person I told. I know you can get close to her and get me her.” said Will. He looked me seriously in the eye.
“Sure I can sir. Who is it?”
“Grell Sutcliff.” He responded. That shocked me. He has never liked Grell and now he was telling me that he has feelings for her. Has William been a tsundere all along? I don’t know how I am to go about this, Grell is spending the day with Sebastian tomorrow being passionate. It would hurt Will a lot if he really is in love with her but she’s being passionate towards another man. I think I should just let it all play out and see what happens.