I hate you (A Grelliam Yandere story)- Chapter 3

I watched Sebastian and Grell all day. They only kissed once throughout the day, which surprised me greatly. Sebastian was glad for the rest, as I had guessed, and Grell fell asleep. I smiled.
“Perhaps I shall put her to bed” I suggested. Sebastian looked at the sleeping red haired reaper, who was cuddled up to him. He looked down at her. “Or you could?”
“I shall put her to bed. Will you be so kind as to do a job for me Amelia?” His face was facing the sleeping Grell but his eyes were staring at the window near me. He rose his head and looked directly at it. I said I’d do the job and this is what he told me to do. “Invite our guest in.” I hadn’t even realized their was someone there, but then again a demons  sense to detect other beings was much greater than a reapers. I looked at the window and then I saw him. Will was stood by the fountain looking through the window. I bowed to Sebastian and ran to go invite him in.

Will walked silently until he got to Grell and Sebastian. I sensed something was up with him, having knowing him better than Sebastian. He seemed more tense than usual. Sebastian lifted Grell, which awoke her.
“Willy!” She yelled excitedly and got out of Sebastian’s arms. She latched her arms around Will’s neck and placed a kiss on his cheek. “The brat gave me a day where I could do anything I want with Bassy. Isn’t that great? We’ve been relaxing and cuddling all day and-”
“I know what you have done Sutcliff, their is no need to go on” William interrupted her. He held her wrist- not tight but not loosely either. “You missed a day of work to hang out with that Vile creature. You will be on overtime tonight if you do not get all your paperwork finished by five o’clock. Do you hear me?” Sebastian stayed silent throughout all of this, which dissapointed Grell.
“Yes sir.” She frowned. I looked at the time. It was four o’clock. It would be nearly impossible for Grell to finish a full days paperwork in an hour- Will could have just given her it as overtime tomorrow, but he didn’t- what was Will planning?
“Amelia. You are excused from this building also until tomorrow, you have paperwork you need to be attending to immediately as well.” I nodded at Will’s orders. Grell and I ran to the reaper headquarters to get started on our paperwork. We made it there in a little under five minutes, which gave Grell fifty five minutes to finish all her work to avoid overtime. I told her that once I finish my paperwork I will help her get through hers aswell, but she rejected my offer.

Five o’clock came, and Grell was not finished her work. She whined as the clock chimed. She hated overtime. Will had only just wandered into the building, which I found odd. He had a bit of blood on his cheek, but other than that he was spotless.
“What happened sir?” I inquired and wiped the blood from his face, only to find out it wasn’t his blood.
“Nothing that concerns you Amelia.” He spoke and sent me on my way. Having already finished my work, their was no need to stay overtime, so I asked Grell what happened that night. I’ll tell you what happened in her words, for she explained it as precise as she had remembered it.

I sat working, she said, and Will came in to ask how much work I had left. I told him exactly how much I had gotten through, and he was pleased for once in his life. I had only about ten sheets of paperwork to finish, which would have taken me about an hour to work at.
“Once you are finished with your paperwork, I would like you to visit my office.” William told me and I thought nothing of it. Will often sent me to his office- either to punish me or just to tell me something- so it was nothing out of the ordinary. Upon finishing my last sheet, I looked at the time. Only six o’clock, I made good time.  Knocking on Will’s office door, he let me come in and I got a massive shock as I walked in. William asked me to sit in his seat while he went to get me a present he had bought me. I was so confused, Will has never invited me into his office to give me a gift before. As I sat down, he left the room. Biting my lip, I awaited the return of Will. He entered, hiding something behind his back, and he walked behind me. It was exciting, I couldn’t wait to find out what it was. “Close your eyes” He spoke. I giggled as I closed my eyes and then I felt a rag go over my mouth.  My eyes opened instantly, and I tried to move my head away from the rag but Will’s hand was stopping me getting free. My head started to hurt and the world started to spin. My eyelids grew heavy and though I tried to fight it, they closed.

Waking was the one thing I did not want to do right now. My head was sore and I could tell their was a light shining at me. However, I knew I had to wake eventually so I swallowed the pain that my head throbbed out and opened my eyes. I was in a dark room, and the only light in it was coming out of  a little broken window at the far side. There were some stairs that lead to a heavy metal door, which was locked. I was free to move around, but there was no way I was going to get out of this room. With the door locked; the window too small for me to get out of; and my death scythe no where to be found, I found myself feeling trapped and scared. I rushed to the door and banged on it. The sound hurt my head but it got the attention of someone outside of this room, for the door opened. I thought about exiting the room, but I was pushed backwards to the floor. Grunting, I saw William. He had re-locked the door and placed a bowl of cereal in front of me.
“W-willy?” asked I, fear clear in my throat – which honestly doesn’t suit my character. “Where am I?”  Will let out a sigh and  took my hand to help me up off the floor.
“I tell you time and time again not to go to that piece of scum, and time and time again you ignore me.” Will snapped. I pulled my hand away from his in shock.
“I’m sorry.” I spoke. Will forced his lips upon mine roughly. I wanted to kiss back, but my body wouldn’t move. It was in too much shock. The fact I didn’t kiss back made him mad and he slapped me back down to the floor. What happened to the Will I know and love?