I hate you (A Grelliam Yandere story)- Chapter 4

I did not hear from Grell for a week but when I did, she had a few bruises on her face. The thought of questioning her did not even cross my mind, but she decided to tell me everything. I suppose she felt safe telling me her story.

He took pleasure in touching me and kissing me, at first I thought it was nice but then his kisses started to hurt. He kept biting my lip and when I yelped and pushed him away he hit me. He decided that if I was not going to behave then he would force me to. He put a leash on me and dragged me up to his room where he tied me up. He wanted to take things further but I refused.
“Grell. You have to learn one way or another. I will be back after work, I will bring you food and then I will ask you the same question again. I’ll give you some time to think about it.” He went to put tape on my mouth but I spoke up.
“I do not wish to do that with someone who has only been with me a few days.” said I. He sighed and closed his eyes before reopening them and putting the tape in my mouth.
“I’ll let you rethink that answer.” He left the room and I heard him leave the full building. I pulled against the ropes that kept bound. I couldn’t get out and the bit of struggling I did gave me rope burn.

It was dark out before he arrived home and he seemed stressed out. He tore the tape off my mouth, which hurt, then asked me if he could use me to relieve stress. Once again I denied, so he slapped me across my face and smirked.
“You will let me use you eventually” said Will. He went and made himself something to eat, then pulled up a chair in front of me. The food Will had gotten was only a simple sandwich but he ate it in front of me and did not feed me. My stomach growled and begged for food, but I got given none.
“Am I not allowed to eat?” I asked as he went and got himself a drink.
“Will you let me use your body as a stress relief?” He asked back. I bit my lip. The word ‘yes’ was forming in my mouth because I wanted to eat, but to say yes would be immoral. “Thought not.” He spoke. I sighed.
“Yes” My voice croaked. He turned back and looked at me.
“Repeat that and say Mr Spears.” I didn’t want to repeat it. It is an awful thought to think that I am selling my body to him for food. I am not sure I made the right choice. “Do as you’re told.”
“Y-yes” I repeated my answer.
“Yes Mr Spears.” He said.
“Yes Mr Spears.” I echoed. He smirked.
“Good choice.” He said, but he still never fed me that night.

I did not get fed for three days after I sold myself to him, which was rather painful and uncomfortable. I wondered whether or not he would actually feed me or if I were to starve to death. He came home from work particularly stressed. He walked into the kitchen and made him and me some noodles to eat. I was grateful to eat and so savored every bit of it. William had yet to “use” me until that night. It would be a lie to say I hated it, but I would also be lying to say I enjoyed it. Will fell straight to sleep after it, me- I went to the bathroom and washed. I sat In the bath for what must have been hours. I felt dirty and bad. It is hard to explain how I felt. If I have to go through this repeatedly then I don’t know how I will manage. The next day, Will got the day off, and the only thing he wanted to do was play with me. I refused. He took his belt off and whipped me with it and then he went and played with me anyway. That was worse than yesterdays intercourse. Will threatened me that the pain will get worse if I didn’t stop denying him. He did not bluff. He got hot candle wax and poured it over my body. I let out a screech as it burnt my skin, Will then proceeded to beat me with his belt.
“You will have to learn Grell.” He sighed. He was done with me after a while and I went back into that room with the heavy door and the broken window. There was no bed nor covers in that room, so the night was a hard and cold one.

Will threw in some clean clothes for me in the morning and told me to get dressed. He stood and watched me dress. It was rather uncomfortable but I had to dress and it was clear he was not going to move until I had. I had some bread for breakfast. Once I had finished Will took my hand and we walked to work. It felt nice to be out of that house. Words cannot describe the feelings I was experiencing. I was finally able to see my friends and be free- well not exactly free but out of that prison called Will’s home.

The first person she went to was me and she told me what happened. I felt bad for her. What can I do though? William is my boss, I cannot go against him or I would lose my job. She went to Ronald and told him a made up story as to why she had bruises and was gone for a few days. I aren’t sure exactly whether he believed her or not but she told him that she got into a fight with Sebastian and got rather badly injured. I must be someone that Grell can just talk to because I do not have any idea of what I could do to help her out of this situation. It is obvious that these events are effecting her greatly. The light in her eyes have started to die and I fear the day it is gone completely. What will become of my dear friend? I do hope that Will does not tear her completely a part. I do not know what I would do if he broke her. Shes really important to me. For her to break would be for me to break also.