I hate you (A Grelliam Yandere story)- Chapter 5

I sat with Ronald smiling happily. I felt very free but I know I am not. Ronald had no clue of the emotional wreck I was becoming. Whatever I did, I could feel William’s  eyes watching me closely.  Not wanting Ronald to know I wasn’t feeling myself, I put on a fake smile. My eyes surely showed fear and depression. Ronald wouldn’t pick up on it I hope.
“Grell, me and a few friends are going to the boozer tonight, would you like to come?” Ronald offered. With that question I felt a bit of happiness come back to my soul.
“I would love to” I answered. I did not know whether William would let me go but it was something that I wanted to do. If he would not let me go, then I would sneak out. Ronald smiled at my response.
“I finish work in an hour, I will collect you then.” said he. Ronald, unfortunately, had to go and get on with his work. I got up and walked to find Amelia, for I knew she would help me get out of this building undetected by William, though I am sure that Will already knows that I plan on going out. It will not be easy to get out, and I cannot get to Amelia without passing Will’s office, which means I will be called into it and will have to face William (whom I did not want to see right now).

Sneaking along the corridors, I tried to get past Will’s office undetected. I felt a hand wrap around my wrist and suddenly I was spun around to look upon the person who had grabbed me. Lamentably it was William who had grabbed me, and I was face to face with the one man I did not fancy being near.
“William, I am busy right now. May you please let me go?” I requested. His arm slithered around my waist, pulling me close to his body. There was a time I would have loved being this close to William, he was always my favorite man, but now the only thing I feel is fear.
“Grell, how do you feel about Ronald?” William asked. Will was well aware that Ronald was just a friend to me, so I cannot figure out why he would be asking me this now when he knows the answer. “Would you grieve if something bad were to happen to him?” My mouth had gaped open and my body shook with the fear that Will was to hurt my friend.
“Of course I would grieve. Ronald is my best friend and if anything were to happen with him it would break my heart.” I answered. My eyes shut as they were becoming wet from tears forming in them.
“Good.” William spoke. I could not tell whether he meant that he wants me to grieve or because he is not going to hurt Ronald. God I pray that he does not hurt Ronald.

William sat me in his office so he could keep an eye on me, but as he left to go to for a toilet break, I took the liberty of leaving. I had told Ronald that I was going to the bar with him, and that was were I was going to go. Ronald met me there and bought me a drink.  He had only invited Eric Slingby and Alan Humphries. I knew these two quite well but not as well as what Ronald knew them. Ronald was very close to them and he was happy to have invited me to hang out with them. Before that night, I had always thought that the two of them were a couple, but they weren’t. They had never kissed, held hands or even hugged. They were just friends, but the attraction was there.
“May I ask you something?” I asked Eric. Alan was in the bathroom puking up the many beers he had drank that evening.
“You just did.” Eric laughed. A small smile went onto my face. “But what is it?”
“Why have you two never hooked up? You obviously like each other and I believe that if you love someone, no matter the gender, you should pursue them and attempt to court them” I spoke as clearly as I felt on the matter.
“Homosexual in’t exactly looked upon as a good thin’ is it?” Eric spoke. I have to agree with that.
“But who cares what the world thinks. You should do what makes you happy.” said I, for I know that I may never be truly happy again. My words were sinking into Eric, and I could tell that he was now going to ask Alan out. I am glad I have made him happy.

That night was probably the worst night for me yet. Sure I had fun when I was with Ronald, but afterwards it was awful. William had found me at the bar and grabbed me. He dragged me outside and down the street to his house. William threw me on the floor hard in the room with the broken window. I had come to know this room very well. It was his basement, I am sure of that.
“That’s the last time I let you out of this house!” William yelled in a rather cold tone. He locked door and stood on my hand, breaking a lot of the bones in it. I let a scream out and he smirked. “I like that noise, will you do it again?” He asked. I teared up and bit my lip. He kicked me and punched me, turning me into a bruised punching bag. I burst into tears, not from the pain, but from the fact that I knew bad things were going to happen. Will looked at me and kissed me, I did not want to kiss him back but I did. I just didn’t want to go through no more pain. As he pulled away he smirked. “You’re mine Grell, and I will let the whole world know that.” He announced and pulled out a knife (which I assumed was a small death scythe). He cut his name into my arm, and only just missed my veins. It burned like hell and stung terribly. You would have thought that this was the worst the night got, but it got worse and when I woke the next day, I wished I were dead.