Jashin’s will- Chapter 1: Rescued and recruited

Amelia’s POV:
Water. The seas rage over me. I am not sure what happened. I’m not sure why I’m at the bottom of the sea… Wait… Yes I do, I was attacked. I don’t know who it was, but who ever it was knew my weakness. They knew I couldn’t swim very well, and they removed any small ability I had in that particular sport. The water around me isn’t clear, its red. It is stained with my blood. My lungs hurt. My eyes feel heavy. Is this what it feels like to be dying? It isn’t a nice feeling. All the air is being sucked from my lungs. I can’t breathe. All the air in my lungs have been replaced with water. This is the end for me. I can’t stop my eyes from closing. Goodbye life.

Hidan’s POV:
I saw the fight. They attacked the girl. I was going to leave her drowning but I got made to save her. I jumped in the sea, leaving Kakuzu to do the fight. F*** him. He always gets to do all the f****** fights, while I have to rescue the f****** damsel in distress. That b**** is making me seem f****** soft. She is right at the bottom of the sea with her eyes closed. I picked her up and put her on the land. She doesn’t look like she’s alive.
“Well we failed, I guess we should leave her then. She’s F****** dead.” Kakuzu was checking her for a pulse.
“Nope, she’s alive.” He says to me and picks her up.
“F***!!!” I yell. “Does this mean we have to f****** take her back with us? S*** MAN!”

We took her sorry a** home and Kakuzu refused to let me plonk her on the kitchen table. Apparently I have to sit by her side and wait for her to f****** wake up while she f****** sleeps in MY bed! I’m not F****** happy about have a strange girl in my bed. That mission was long and I’m f****** exhausted but I can’t sleep if she’s taken over my f****** bed. AGGGGHHHH!!! I stare at her. Kakuzu comes in.
“Has she not waken up yet?” He says and goes in draw. He steals my f****** wallet.
“PUT MY F****** WALLET BACK!” I snap.
“please, its not like you’ve got any money anyway.” He empties out my wallet. “see only 20 bucks.”
“ughh” the girl stirs and then wakes up slowly. Me and Kakuzu look at her and then go to her side. She looks at us before she f****** screams.
“KAKUZU TURN THAT F****** THING OFF!” I yell. I’m not happy with Kakuzu for stealing my money, even if it was only 20 bucks.  Kakuzu puts his hand over her mouth.
“Shhh, were not going to hurt you, right Hidan?” Kakuzu states. I twitch a little. “RIGHT HIDAN!” he yells in a stern voice.
“Sure, whatever” I glare at Kakuzu before storming out.

Amelia’s POV:
That guy. Hidan… He stormed out.
“Does he like me?” I ask not knowing why he was mad.
“Hidan? Hidan doesn’t like anyone.” The guy in the mask says. He picks up a wallet from the floor. “change. ughh Hidan you… ” He counts how much change he had. “20 BUCKS IN CHANGE YOU…”
“please don’t swear” you interrupt him. “I’m anti-swearing, that’s all my parents ever did” You said rubbing your arm looking extremely said.
“Did?” The man asked.
“I killed them” you said blankly. The emotion in your face vanished. “that’s all I wish to say, thank you for your hospitality.. er..” I don’t know his name.
“but I think I should leave.” I got up and walked to the door. I opened it and saw 3 “Men” looking at me. I say men with air quotes because one was plant, one had long hair and the other one just didn’t look human. I closed the door quickly then re-opened it.

“umm” you said looking at them.
“So your awake, un” The long haired blond said smiling.
“umm yes” I say.
“Why haven’t you been bandaged yet” The plant man said then another voice came from him “She was unconscious, no one wanted to do anything to her until she woke up” The other voice said “Oh.” They was having a full conversation.
“So this brat is the person who is our new “colleague”” The final one said.
“Sasori- my man, isn’t that obvious, un” The blonde said. So the inhuman one is Sasori.
“Leader-sama could have chosen someone a little more experienced, not some brat. Deidara, you can have her” Sasori walked away.

“I have a question about him.” I said. I figured I wouldn’t show any emotion. Emotions would probably just get in my way here.
“yeah, un?” Deidara asks.
“is that his real body? because if it is he’s a bit strange” I state.
“no that isn’t his real body” The white side of the plant man states “We don’t really know what he really looks like, he’s always hidden in his puppet” The black side says.
“I’ve seen his real body, un” Deidara claims proudly.
“Yeah” The white side says, “But your his partner, if you hadn’t of seen him we’d disown you.” The black side says.

“come on, un, ill introduce you to everyone” Deidara says and takes your hand and shows me around. He introduced me to everyone. So theirs Hidan, Kakuzu, Sasori, Deidara, Konan, Itachi, Kisame, Zetzu and Pein. I have to call Pein “Leader-sama” though. I know their names but I will probably get the names mixed up with faces. Konan will be the easiest to remember as she is the only other girl in this organisation. I’ve apparently been recruited because another new member has joined and he needs a partner. Leader-Sama said that his name is Tobi. In this hideout, everyone shares a room with their partner. Ill be sharing with a man. Great.