Jashin’s will- Chapter 2: Trying to Murder

I was sprawled across the sofa. I had been living with the Akatsuki for a week now. Tobi finally arrived and he was annoying me soooo much.
“Amelia, Tobi wanted to know if you wanted to-”
“no” I didn’t let him finish sentence.
“But Amelia never even got to hear what Tobi-”
“no” I cut him off again. Tobi walks of sulking. I start humming and tapping my foot along with the song.
“Amelia” Hidan says staring at me with those piercing purple eyes. “Amelia move your f****** feet!”
“no” I was blanking him out. I don’t like swearing.
“Amelia move your F-”
“no” I start humming again.
“no” I close my eyes. I can’t be bothered with Hidan. He just keeps yelling at everyone, but mainly me. I was suddenly confronted by pain and the ability to breath had vanished. I opened my eyes and shock was across my face. I gripped onto Hidan’s hands. He was strangling me, he was actually strangling me. “H-Hidan” I croaked. I pulled down on his hands, he had murder in his eyes.

I kicked him where it counts, hoping that it would work. Hidan just laughed at this and strengthened his grip. I was seeing red dots.
“H-Hidan please. C-cant breathe!” I closed my eyes to try and relieve the pain.
“That’s the f****** point, now be a f****** good child and die.” Suddenly I felt relief on my throat as Hidan was yanked from me. Three of the members held him back while Deidara checked on me.
“Are you alright, un?” Deidara asked. I was panting and trying to steady my breathing. I was knelt on my knees. I shook my head. Deidara rubbed my back as the other men pulled him away from me. “I’m sorry about that Amelia,” Leader-sama said, “I can promise you that Hidan will be punished for this, I don’t appreciate conflicts within my organisation.”

Leader-sama left and there was just me and Deidara left in the room.
“Where did they take him?” I ask with a challenging look in my eye.
“Probably to his room, un, he will be not allowed to leave until they have come up with a suitable punishment” I was gone by the end off his sentance, running down the hall. ‘I’ll give him a suitable punishment’ I thought to myself. It’s true that I don’t know everything about everyone here yet, in fact I hardly know anything. I ran to Hidan’s room and knocked on the door. To my surprise he answered. He wasn’t happy but he wasn’t angry anymore.
“What do you f****** want?” He asked. I launched myself at him and pulled out a kunai. I stabbed him repeatedly in non vital spots. I wasn’t trying to kill him. I was just trying to make him feel what I felt when he tried to kill me.

He laughed and pushed me to the wall. He pinned my hand and tried to take the kunai out of it.
“Your f****** fiesty. I wonder if lord jashin would like you.” he said with a smirk. He dropped his guard and I cut his head off. I then scream thinking I’ve killed him, I didn’t know what leader-sama would do to me if I had killed him. Then the familiar laugh went off.
“That f****** hurt Amelia. You certainly got your revenge for me strangling you. Damn!” He said. I looked at him.
“H-how are you still alive? Damn you Hidan, you scared me” you said.
“Awwe you were scared because of me. That’s f****** cute. I’m interested in you Amelia”
“The feelings mutral” I say looking at him. I pick up Hidan’s head and look him in the eyes.
“Are you gonna f****** kiss me now?” Hidan asks.
“Then be a f****** good b**** and go get Kakuzu to sew my head back on”
“I’ll sew it on, if leader-sama finds out I cut your head off we will both be in extra trouble” Hidan agrees to that so I go get my sewing kit. I get back to his room and laugh.

“What’s so f****** funny?”
“I was just thinking, how would doctors react if I took you to the hospital like this?” Hidan chuckles.
“They’d go ape s***” I start to see Hidan’s head back on and then he can move again. He covers up the stitching with his head band.

Within a couple of seconds he pins me to the floor.
“I wanna convert you to Jashinist” he says.