Natsu x reader- Chapter 10: Mates


“so whats happening Happy?” I asked. Happy looked at you.
“Natsu has chosen you (y/n)” Happy says. Chosen me for what? “Hes sworn to protect you and is in deep love with you. ” Why me?
“He loves me?” I ask.
“Well more than loves”
“So why is he following me from behind a bin?” I ask in curiosity.
“Its spring… Mating season… Natsu has chosen you to be his mate (y/n)” he wants me as a what?!



I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. Happy’s voice calling behind me. He was so quick. I didn’t want to be Natsu’s…. you know. I aren’t ready. I just broke up with Gray. I mean i do like Natsu. N-n-not l-like t-that i-i swear. Im blushing a lot now. Dammit. Happy has caught up with me already.
“(y/n), listen to me” Happy’s voice was like background sound as I ran.”You can’t turn him down, i don’t want to lose him.” I stopped when he said that. I tried to catch my breath but struggled. I feel really light headed.
“w-what do you what do you mean lose him?” i said repeating my words as i couldn’t breath properly from panting.
“When a creature is on his mating season, he needs his woman, she can run from him and hide but if he knows she doesn’t want him he will go into a depressed state and maybe even kill himself, they are nothing without his mate” Happy says nearly crying.
“Natsu wouldn’t do that happy”I told him.
“He would (y/n) if someone is depressed (a/n- 90% of depression feels like the equivalent of watching paint dry. I know coz i often get depressed.) they do stupid things” Happy cries more.
“Its not that i dont want to Happy its just… i cant” I hang my head low.
“You can’t… “Natsu says. Wow he caught up quickly. “why cant you?” He puts his hand under my chin and lifts my face up to look at him.
“I… im scared” I said looking into his eyes.
“don’t be” He said and kissed me. His lips were warm and soft. I didn’t want to break away from the kiss. It felt so much better than Gray’s kiss. It didn’t feel cold and lifeless, there was definitely a spark.

Our make out session was interrupted by a deep chuckle. Natsu’s head snapped round to face the person whos laugh it was.
“Gajeel!” Natsu said with a low growl.

“Is it mating season already pinky, I didn’t think you had hit puberty yet” You blushed loads.
“Gajeel… Redfox? Your black steal Gajeel?” I asked
“Hey look flamy, you girl friend knows me”
“Well you are quite famous gaje” The woman with blue hair says.
“Your Juvia of the element 4!” I say loudly. Natsu growls and takes my hand.

“Come on (y/n) lets get away from these freaks and do something fun” Natsu said. I pulled my hand free.
“Natsu what do you mean by that?” I ask.
“He means have sex” Gajeel smirks.
“That’s a very open word”
“Come on (y/n), i want to have fun” Natsu whispers in my ear.

I go with him and he stops in the middle of the street.
“Wait i forgot something…” Natsu said looking at you.
“What?” I ask then feel a really sharp pain in my neck. Natsu bit me. He bit me! His tongue licks over the bleeding wound to apologize then he kisses and sucks that spot. I let out an involuntary moan and people look at up. “Why you bit me?” I ask him.
“To show the world that (y/n) (l/n) was the girl that i chose” he said and kisses your nose. I expected Natsu to be out of control and difficult because of his season.
“HEY NATSU! (Y/N)!” a person yelled. I turned around to see Lucy running towards us. She laughed and got to us.
“Loke said that he likes you Lucy, go talk to him about it” Natsu says trying to get rid of her. I know he actually does like her as well.
“(y/n) (y/n) Gray said….. Is that a hickey?” she asks, looking at the bruised spot on my neck.
“N-no”i stammer. she turned to Natsu in shock.
“Did you do this?” She asks.
“Yea” he says smiling and i face palm “(Y/n) is mine” he says.

Lucy looked at me sad.
“So what did Gray say?” I asked and she snapped out of her sad trance.
“I forgot. so does Loke like me?” She asks and me and Natsu nod slowly.
“Did you not believe me when i said that” Natsu said. He grabbed my hand quickly.
“I didn’t think-”
“NO! BECAUSE YOU NEVER THINK! YOU JUST DO AND THEN THINK THAT WE ARE ALL IDIOTS!” Natsu yelled at her. Poor Lucy. She looked shocked and sad. I mouthed the words ‘mating season’ and she mouthed ‘oh’ back.
“W-well you to have fun” She skipped off then ran.
“I will” Natsu said and flung me over his shoulder.