Natsu x reader- Chapter 11: Little Natsu


  Lucy looked at me sad.
“So what did Gray say?” I asked and she snapped out of her sad trance.
“I forgot. so does Loke like me?” She asks and me and Natsu nod slowly.
“Did you not believe me when i said that” Natsu said. He grabbed my hand quickly.
“I didn’t think-”
“NO! BECAUSE YOU NEVER THINK! YOU JUST DO AND THEN THINK THAT WE ARE ALL IDIOTS!” Natsu yelled at her. Poor Lucy. She looked shocked and sad. I mouthed the words ‘mating season’ and she mouthed ‘oh’ back.
“W-well you to have fun” She skipped off then ran.
“I will” Natsu said and flung me over his shoulder.



Natsu was carrying me through the streets. I got used to the weird looks after about half an hour. I wonder where we are going.
“Hey Natsu, where we going?” You ask. He doesn’t talk for a while then he answers.
“I dont like transportation so I’m avoiding it” He said running. We are going through woods and fields.
“So where are we going?” You asked again. He stopped in the middle of the forest and put me down.
“Wait here!” he said and ran off. I fidgeted a bit, trying to get comfortable on the rock I was sat on.

Normal pov
Natsu was running around frantically. He burnt the bottom of some trees, making them fall. He quickly created a make shift log cabin out of the trees with a moss roof. He used some moss to make a bed. He looked at what he had created. Satisfied with the building he went back to (y/n), who was laid back on a rock looking at the sky.

Natsu lead you to the log cabin. He smiled widely as you saw it. You walked in and saw the bed. You gulped, knowing why the only furniture he had was a bed.  You looked at him and he glomped you. You fell over onto the bed with Natsu on top of you. A blush spread across your face. Natsu kissed your lips very very roughly and you kissed back. His tongue forced its way into your mouth and was licking around your mouth. You licked his tongue. He pulled away and looked down your chest. Your blush was growing bigger. He put two fingers down your valley (a/n the area between ur boobs) and pulled your shirt down revealing your (f/c) bra. He kept pulling and tugging at it, ripping the shirt. Natsu threw your torn shirt across the room leaving it on the floor somewhere. He puts a hand on your exposed hip and the other was under your back unclipping your bra.

The hand on your hip went down, down your body, down your jeans, down your panties. Your bra was finally unclipped and was thrown across the room. You covered your boobs quickly blushing. You felt Natsu’s fingers playing with your clit. You moved your arms as you spread you legs a bit. In a flash your pants and panties were across the room. You were fully exposed to Natsu. Natsu pressed his forefinger against your opening. He sucked on your boob which made you arch your back and your legs to spread more. His finger found its way inside of you. He pumped it in and out of you which made you extremely wet. 2 fingers in you, you felt yourself be stretched more. Natsu sucked on the other boob.  You started to moan and then he added a third finger.

You felt something wet and rough enter you down below. It swished around in circles making you moan. Your legs were over Natsu’s shoulders as he licked your vagina. It went in quite deep and you were very wet. You closed your eyes moaning. You felt something rub against your vagina. It didn’t feel like Natsu’s tongue or fingers. You opened your eyes and saw Natsu’s hands beside you. He was rubbing his dick against your opening. You looked up at him. He smirked down at you then pushed it it. You yelped at the pain. He kissed your tears away and thrusted in to you repeatedly, not letting you get used to it. Eventually you got used to it and you was overwhelmed with pleasure. Natsu kept thrusting harder and harder into you at a fast pace. You were a moaning wreck. Natsu bit your neck and left hickeys all down it and your collar bone and your boobs. Your stomach tightened as you reached your orgasm. You released all over his dick. He kept thrusting a few times before cumming deep inside of you. His thrusts became sloppy and he collapsed on you. He cuddled up to you and fell asleep inside of you. You fell asleep also.