Natsu x reader- Chapter 13: Broken bonds part 1


“Your going to be a father” you told him. He went pale and nearly fainted at the news.

My heart is pierced by Cupid,

“That is news” He said while wobbling.
“I love you” you tell him.
“I love you too” He said.

I disdain all glittering gold,

“I’m so happy for us” You said, Natsu hugged you. Not all treasure is silver and gold.

There is nothing can console me but my jolly sailor bold.

“Theirs only you who can make me happy” You told him and smiled. “My jolly sailor bold” you laughed.
You had gotten back from the mission a week ago. Your cravings and morning sickness was definitely getting worse but you weren’t going to let that stop you. You and Natsu were living together now and you needed money to keep him fed and washed etc etc. He insisted that he do all the jobs but you turned him down. You found a job, it paid 10,000 jewels. You read the job description: one person job, capture a lost pet reward 10,000 j. You smiled. ‘Catching a pet, doesn’t sound to difficult’ You thought and told Mira you had chosen that job. You began to walk to the train station.
“(Y/N)!” he yelled and tackled you to the ground, pinning you there.
“N-Natsu, get off, I’m going to miss the train.” You said.
“Where are you going?” he asks. You tell him about the job and he gets off of you. “Come back safe, kay?” he smiled and you kiss his cheek before running to catch your train.

You arrived and met up with the requester. She was a beautiful woman. She had black hair that was split into two braids and fell over her shoulders. She had bluey-gray eyes and a lovely smile. She stood in vet jacket and a yellow skirt.
“Hello, You must be from fairy tail” She smiled and held her hand out. You shook it and smiled back.
“Yes i am, I’m (y/n)” You introduced.
“Nice to meet you, i’m Maya” She said. She started to tell you about the job. It turns out she ran an animal shelter that looked after many animals, ranging from dogs and cats to snakes and mice. One of her lizards had escaped and it was vital that it got back, it was very ill and could easily pass the virus on to another life form.

“Just remember not to touch it” she said as you walked out to look for the creature, you had gloves on. So you went looking for this creature. It was a small creature that looked like a worm but wasn’t a worm. You eventually found it. You took it back to Maya happily. While handing it over the creature started to wiggle about and you felt it touch your arm. Your eyes widened but you shrugged it off. Maya paid you and waved you off as you set back off on the long journey home. It wasn’t a ┬álong journey, it just felt long because you wanted be sick the full way. Your head was hung out of the window for most of the trip.

When you got back to Magnolia you ran to the house which you and Natsu shared. Natsu wasn’t home so you went to the guild and kicked the door open. People smiled as you entered the room. Gray and Natsu were having a civil conversation then Natsu slammed his hands on the desk.
“I SAID YOU NEED TO THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!” Gray yelled back also slamming on the desk.
“Hey!” you say and put your hand on Natsu’s shoulder to calm him down, “whatcha talking about?” you asked.
“Nothing” Gray says quickly.
“You” Natsu answers you. Your hand arm had a huge purple mark on it and it looked irritable. You smiled.
“Natsu. Gray. Don’t argue over me. I’m going home, I’m tired” You said and started to walk away “see ya later Natsu” you were smiling happily.

You laid on the bed which you and Natsu shared. It was comfortable and snug.  The red duvet made you feel at home and it welcomed you as you jumped onto it. Your head was heavy as was your eyes. Every little sound hurt you. You fell into a deep slumber.

The door opened quietly and the bed started to move around as a person crawled over it. His hand rubbed up your arm and he left trails of butterfly kisses over your neck before he kissed your forehead. Your eyes opened softly. They were red and your iris’s had gone purple. You sat up quickly and grabbed the guy by the throat. Below you was a squirming Natsu. He looked at you in horror and then saw the purple mark on your arm, which was spreading. He grabbed your hand and pried your hand from his throat, luckily for him you didn’t know how to strangled or he’d soon be dead by now. You lit your hand on fire and punched Natsu with it. He just sucked up the flame. He pinned you and tied you up. He carried you to the guild. The purple mark had spread up your full arm by now and was starting to reach for your chest and stomach.

Natsu sat you on a chair in the middle of the guild.
“What is happening here?” Erza asks with a spoonful of cake in her mouth.
“Somethings up with (y/n), she attacked me, and her arm is bright purple.
“Let me see” Wendy says and inspects you. She looks at your arm and eyes. The mark had spread to your neck by now and it was surely spreading. “We need to sort this out before it spreads to her heart. It will spread to everywhere else first because her heart is protected but it will get there eventually” Wendy explains.
“SO WHAT DO WE DO!” Natsu yells in a panic.
“Have no fear! Levy is here!”