Natsu x reader – Chapter 2: Loke

“Well then what if you and Grey went up against each other in a sparing match?” Natsu asked, he was being persistent. You shook your head.
“Id end up breaking him like a tooth pick, besides I don’t really feel up to fighting” You say, “I just moved here and I was planning on getting to know the town today”

“I can show you around” Natsu says. He takes your hand and you start walking out of the guild hall.
“And finally this is my house.” He burst through his own door smiling widely. You looked around. All day he had been showing you around and you was completely exhausted and sweating a bit.
“It’s nice” you say looking at it. It was a quite nice place. It would have been better if he hadn’t left everything on the floor.
“So where are you staying at?” You looked at him and blinked a bit before rubbing the back of your neck and laughing slightly.
“Ummm I err don’t have no where yet” you said nervously. Natsu looked at you with disbelief.
“no… home…” he said.
“I’ll just leave you be” you said and started to walk away. Natsu grabbed your arm.
“You can stay with me” he says with a goofy grin on his face. You couldn’t say no to that grin.

You walked in and cleared a patch on the couch. You wouldn’t go near one end for dirty underwear and didn’t know what was in the pile at the other end so you were in the middle.
“Gordan dammit Natsu, when was the last time you cleaned?” You complained. The full place was a proper pig sty.
“Your supposed to clean?” He asked as a joke. You caught on to it being a joke and laughed a little.
“Well I’m not turning into Snow White and cleaning your house so you can do it yourself” you say and cross your arms.
“Snow wise?” Natsu asked confused.
“Snow WHITE!” you say a bit annoyed. Natsu laughed a bit and just burned all his rubbish and dirty clothing to a crisp. You felt kind of guilty that you didn’t help him.
“So when do I get to see that fire of yours? I bet it tastes delicious….” he drools imagining it.
“Some day, I’m sure” you had lied earlier when you said it was only for battle. You can produce fire and ice any time but you didn’t want to show Natsu because you got into a little habit and every one that you showed it to died. It wasn’t seen as your fault though.

Their was a knock at Natsu’s door and Grey stood there with the ginger boy. (did she say she knew Loke I cant remember so this is the first time they’ve seen each other).
“Natsu we have a mission” Grey said. You were staring at the good looking ginger.
“Why is he here?” Natsu says. The red head pushes his glasses further up his face and smiles. You melt at his smile but then realise something. You couldn’t be with him because he’d die.
“He heard that (y/n) had joined the guild and wanted to meet her” Grey says.
“I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure, my name is Loke” he holds a hand out in a really glamorous way.
“(y/n)” you say shaking his hand, ruining his fabulous moment. (cracked screen)
“A girl like you would be best in my arms and not Natsu’s” he flirts, putting his arm around you. You were sweating beads of nervousness. You felt rather awkward around the guy. You sniffed up and grabbed his jacket.
“I need to talk to you” you said. Gray’s and Natsu’s eyes widened like you was going to do something to Loke. Loke thought so to. You took him into another room and closed the door.
“Well you certainly move fast” he says. (this is before the whole incident with Loke nearly dying)
“That’s disgusting,” you say, “I think a celestial spirit should not act that way.”
“How did you know?”
“Leo” you say with a small sigh. You knew him. You knew him well.
“Wait (y/n)?, (y/n) (l/n)?” he asks. You nod and he runs away saying something about not being able to be with you. Gray and Natsu gave you awkward looks and you just shrugged your shoulders.

*time skip brought to you by Loke’s fear of celestial wizards*

You had finished the job with the guys. Lucy and Erza had joined. Erza still scared you. When you got back to the guild a lot of eyes were on you. You heard whispering about you which made you uneasy. Then a kid, who you believed was called Romeo, came up to you.
“Is it true you killed like 10 men by kissing them?” He asked with fear in his eyes. You looked at him with sorrow.
“LOKE!!!!” you shouted and the ginger popped up from behind Elfman.
“(y/n)” he said.
“YOU TOLD THEM!” White flames came out of your body. People backed away, thinking this was going to be a serious fight.