Natsu x reader- Chapter 3: Break


You had finished the job with the guys. Lucy and Erza had joined. Erza still scared you. When you got back to the guild a lot of eyes were on you. You heard whispering about you which made you uneasy. Then a kid, who you believed was called Romeo, came up to you.

“Is it true you killed like 10 men by kissing them?” He asked with fear in his eyes. You looked at him with sorrow.

“LOKE!!!!” you shouted and the ginger popped up from behind Elfman.

“(y/n)” he said.

“YOU TOLD THEM!” White flames came out of your body. People backed away, thinking this was going to be a serious fight.

You looked at Loke. Your eyes had gone completely white with anger. Natsu walked up to you with his jaw dropped. He was looking at the fames coming from you. You shot some of the fire towards Loke. Natsu jumped in the way and ate the flame.
“its cold as ice?” he questions.
“NATSU GET OUT OF THE WAY!” You yell. Natsu backs down. You got close to Loke. “Maybe I should show you how they died” you whispered in his ear with an evil look in your eye.
“No thank you” he said. Their was a loud crack and then you felt something sharp in your back which seemed to have calmed you down. You fell to your knees.
“What was that crack?” people questioned throughout the guild. Loke looked at you.
“That was one of her bones” he said. He remembered you training when you were little. He also remembered the first time he heard that horrible crack. Your wrist had broken back then.

Someone helped you up but it really hurt.
“I think I cracked a rib” you said cringing at the pain. Natsu helped you walk out of the guild hall to the infirmary. You glared at Loke. You were still quite mad at him but you weren’t going to kill him anymore. When they were binding you up tears were rolling down your face. Everywhere you go your memories always came back to haunt you and every time you had to leave. You just hoped that this time would be different because they seemed like a forgiving bunch.
“Your fire was cold” Natsu states. He was trying to cheer you up.
“yeah, that’s because its strong fire. That technique combines all the elements I can control into 1 and it is murderous, but it is also very painful” You explain.
“What elements can you control?” Natsu asks. He seems curious.
“I’m supposed to know how to control wind, Fire, Ice, Water and light by now like my brother did but I can only really control Fire and Ice” you look down, “I’m a failure.”
“No, your not a failure (y/n)” Natsu grins and hugs you.

Your heart speeds up at the pinkettes touch. Is it because he’s the first on to show you affection since your little incident?
“Natsu, your smile can bring anyone into the light, even those who are to far into the dark” you mumble. You hope he didn’t hear that but he did because you said it while he was still hugging you. His smile grows.
“Thanks” he closes his eyes smiling widely.
“Well I’m hungry” You say. Natsu perks up at the mention of food.  “I might go grab a pizza. Do I know a certain pyro who would like to join me for this maaltyd?” you ask, obviously meaning ‘meal’ by maaltyd. (a/n malltyd is afrikan for meal lel)
“I don’t know about a Malthmed but ill join you for the pizza” Natsu said and you laughed.

You walked with support from Natsu until you got to the pizzeria, at which point he dropped you and ran for the seat. A blue cat was flying behind you.
“Natsu, that’s rude” the cat spoke which shocked you. You didn’t even realise he was there and now he’s a blue, speaking, flying cat. That’s not right.
“Oh yeah, sorry (y/n)” Natsu said and helped you up again. “We should get you crutches.” You look at him.
“please explain the flying talking blue cat thingy” You say. You were quote fascinated.
“This is happy,  hes my exceed” Natsu says smiling.
“I want one” you say laughing, “hes so cute.”
“Come on Happy, lets eat!”
“AYE!” Happy yelled.