Natsu x reader- Chapter 4: Pancakes in the morning

“please explain the flying talking blue cat thingy” You say. You were quite fascinated.

“This is happy, hes my exceed” Natsu says smiling.

“I want one” you say laughing, “hes so cute.”

“Come on Happy, lets eat!”

“AYE!” Happy yelled.


“You know you can slow down right” you say as food hits your face. You sigh and pull their plates away from them.
“Hey give em back” Natsu demands.
“My food!” happy wines.
“Not until you learn some manners and how to eat properly” You says showing them some discipline.
“I already have manners” Natsu says putting on an innocent face.
“Show some then” You glare at him.
“Please can I have my food back?” Natsu asks politely. You kindly give Natsu his food back then face Happy.
“Please give me back my fish” he says and you give him it. You glare at them to warn them to eat properly. Natsu picks up a fork and slowly eats, trying not to make a mess. Happy, on the other hand, was eating like before, throwing food everywhere. You took his fish off him again and did a low growl. Happy went into a sad and depressed state with an upsetting aura around him. Your food finally arrived and the boys looked a you in disgust.
“Salad, How can you live of salad?” Natsu asks.
“Quite easily actually,” you say, “It does your health a world of good if you eat a salad once in a while. Here try some.” Natsu shakily stabs a bit of lettuce and brings it to his mouth. He gives it a sniff before sticking it in his gob. He munches a bit on it then smirks.
“That is delicious” He says. Happy repeats his actions with the fork and then spits it out. “Haha, fooled you Happy” Natsu laughs. ‘so Natsu didn’t like the salad after all’ you think to yourself.

You all leave the restaurant after paying a bill. “4 pizzas 100 jewels, 2 fish 30 jewels, salad 10 jewels, and a burger 15 jewels.” you grumble. “145 jewels just on food” you moan.
“Its not that bad, maybe we should take a job” Natsu suggests and smiles. The walk to fairy tail wasn’t very long, so you was happy. When you walk in you find yourself being dragged to the notice board. Gray joins you. He wasn’t wearing any clothes.
“You guys looking for a job?” he asks.
“Yep” Natsu says and you just nod your head.
“Mind if I join you on it” He says.
“Gray your clothes” Cana says causing Gray to freak out. She had a huge barrel of what ever liquor in her hand and she jugged it all down without getting drunk.
“HEY NATSU!” Lucy yelled and ran to the notice board. “you going on a job?”
“jeez is everyone gonna join us” you mumble. In the end there was you, Erza, Lucy, Natsu, Gray and Happy going on a mission which was just meant for you and Natsu. At least you chose a mission that paid 25,000 Jewels. That’s 5,000 each. Because Happy is an exceed, he shares Natsu’s cut of the money.

Now if you think I would tell you everything that happened on the mission you are absolutely, completely and utterly ri-wrong. I’m not in the mood sorry so you are just sat in yours/ Natsu’s home eating English pancakes. Mmmmm pancakes. You were just putting the last one in your mouth. A knock on the door caused you to jump and your pancake to rip and fly onto the floor. You sighed and went to the door to see Gray.
“Hey (y/n)” he said smiling.
“um hi Gray, come in” you invited. He walked in with his smile plastered onto his face. “so what brings you here?” you ask. You turn around to see him sitting in his underwear
“Just a girl” he said with a cheeky grin.
“Gray your not wearing any clothes” You say. He looks down.
“Am I not?” You laugh a little.
“Who’s this girl? Has she hurt you? Do you like her? Do I need to hurt her? Is she evil? Is she a friend?” you were rapidly throwing questions at him.
“She’s a friend.” he says looking at you with a serious face. He looks at the floor. “Is that a pancake?” he asks pointing to the ripped one on the floor.
“Yeah, do you want some?” You asked and he nods.

Nastu walks down the stairs when Gray is eating the first of the new batch of pancakes you were making. He sniffs up, smelling the delightful smell. (when anime or cartoons smell summat the like they literally hover to the source of the smell, that’s what Natsu did)
” Good morning” you said putting sugar and lemon on a pancake you ha made.
“Marry me right now” Natsu said. You froze in your tracks and blushed while Natsu ate your pancake. “These are delicious, you should make some more often (y/n)” your blush grows and you get slightly annoyed. How could you have been so stupid. He only asked you to marry him because of the food. Gosh Darnit (y/n).